• I love all your beautiful babies❤❤❤. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a halfway decent day weatherwise, lol. Hopefully sunny days and warmer weather shall soon be here.

  • PLEASE check the description and watch the whole video, before asking questions! It's filled with information, links, e-mails… – so good chance your answer is in either the video orrrrr the description. If not, leave your question down in the comments. Thank you! <3

  • Mares pin their ears, but it does not mean that they are angry. We have to read their body language beyond just the ears. we all know what a truely angry horse looks like. They pin their ears, flare their nostrils and show the whites of their eyes, and these are just the facial cues, then theres head bopping, tail swishing, stomping etc.etc.
    but just one or a couple of these cues does not mean that the horse is angry.
    My mare pins her ears when she is playing (both with me and with other horses) and when she is really focused on a task, but she never ever shows any agression. Mares are just really expressive (and yes some are bitches lol, but so can geldings and stallions be), so there is no need to worry about those ears, we can all see that she loves you, and enjoys working with you <3

  • You are my fave Horse youtuber now, i always SCREAM when i get a notification from you ! <3
    Im actually watching this with my horse, sitting in his box xD!

  • I'm so excited for you, there is not a better feeling than riding your horse you have raised from a foal, (and I have done that several times), and riding them their first time and for years after. Raising and working with horses is a blessing that can't be duplicated by anything. It brings so much unconditional love and joy in your life, and for those of us that are born and will die loving horses, no one will ever understand that feeling but another horse lover like us. Just love how you and your mare work together as a beautiful team. Me personally, I love mares because they are so smart and easy to train, and yes they show more expression than geldings, lol. Just love your channel, bye for now till your next video. 🤗

  • Why did Team Nalanta split up ? Didn‘t you start it before Jesse ? Ps: Great video. I love your way of training the horse!

  • I loved this video! It was very relaxing to watch and Rede is looking so pretty! Her tail plait is so long too, I also enjoyed the talking at the beginning and end (and Rede's feeding was so cute) I hope you and the horses (and cats) stay well 🙂

  • It just shows what patience and kindness can achieve, she knows she’s a good girl because she’s looking for her treats! Just lovely, Thank you!

  • So beautifal to see how you work with so much passion and enthausiasm it stimulate me so!
    Please go on with making of these videos it helps me so🤩🤩

  • Definitely my happy place…….your talk is delightful and full of play which add so much charm. That is trust, remarkable. Must love the attention. Great start of my day 💜 THANK YOU.

  • I really enjoy all your videos and always have no matter the content or length. You have such a beautiful relationship with all your horses and family and friends its pleasure to watch.

  • You’re so good with YouTube and social media. You melting my heart when you show me how mouch you love horses🥰 I want to meet you😊 Greetings from Norway💕 Keep doing this💕 Love u

  • Beautiful❣️ Her bond with you is incredible. Loved watching this video. It was easy to see everything. 🌺❤️🌺

  • Ze heeft ook echt zo'n merrie hoofd😂 heerlijk😂 mooi om te zien ook! Ik ben te onzeker om op zo'n manier op een jong paard te stappen helaas. Ben een onzekere ruiter van bijna 21 jaar…

  • Good to have you back, I really like your taking and explaining. So informative for me. Rede is a sweetheart!🥰

  • Love your videos, they are very honest and make me regret never meeting like-minded horsey people in The Netherlands before I moved away.

  • Hey Eva, how big are you and your horses? You are sow great with your horses Eva. I'm trying to learn my horses a litle bit of the basic things of the 'trics'. My goal is only to learn them excercises to stretch them and if they enjoying it maybe more. I love your video, you can see that the horses are enjoying there work and that they are happy.❤❤ I don't now how to say it in english but, doe zo verder en stop nooit waar je van houdt❤❤

  • It's so nice to watch you work with your horses, you're such an inspiration to me! My mare also has her ears back while training, the only time she doesn't is when riding or walking outside.😂

  • You working with years horses almost makes me cry of happiness every time. So kind and joyful.

  • I love it when you start talking about your horses. You talk so passionet and full of love about them❤

  • Eva je bent fantastisch! Ik word zo blij en soms zelfs ontroerd van je videos. Je paarden zijn allemaal geweldig en jij ook❤ keep doing the good work!

  • Shes so cute! shes scratching your back too!! <3 and she is so sweet and willing. I admire you so much

  • I love watching your videos and see the bond you have with your horses. ❤ I would love to see some text or voice over on your training part explaining what you are asking of her. Thanks for the great work and sharing. 🥰

  • I love the longer videos, and when you explain everything you do!! I really enjoy this style of training and I love how your horses admire you so much :))))

  • Wow, you should be excited! That was great, and only 3?! I've accepted my mare's "ears" too. I think it's hardwired in her to express her opinion on EVERYTHING! Love her to pieces though. :-))

  • Ahh, She did so good 💕💕. A lot of horses pin their ears during play. My gelding does it too, they are just super focused and excited 😊. She loves and trust you so much because she feels it from you as well. Love the training videos 😁

  • She is gorgeous and is very intelligent and much loved. You have got to be such a sweet person, animals don't responded to nasty people. God bless you for your gentleness. Love the videos. Thanks for sharing

  • Lets hope her general disposition to work improves over time. She looks crabby and surely some of the time and gives the look of wanting to jib a few times, but that will be misunderstanding or questioning the turn signal. Hopefully her work ethic will improve and she will become happy in her ridden job. Her dad is certainly a stunner! She is much more compliant in her liberty work. A great feeling to develop a positive relationship with another sentient being.

  • Super leuke video! Vind het altijd fijn om te zien hoeveel manieren er zijn om met een paard om te gaan. Nu is mijn vraag (en ik weet dat je zelf al vaker gevraagd heb om ideeën voor video's maar dit kwam gister pas in mij op) of je misschien een keer een video zou kunnen maken over 'paardentaal' hoe zie je dat een paard te dominant word in het spel, of dat ze juist onzeker worden etc. Hoe zou jij jou lichaam hierin gebruiken om het paard zekerder te maken of juist te laten weten dat hij niet in jou 'space' mag komen etc. Aangezien mij dit best belangrijk lijkt voor vrijheidsdressurs en ook in de gewone omgang met een paard uiteraard. Alvast bedankt 🙂

  • Hello Eva, I think it's great that you always post long videos. I personally think your videos are great. Please keep that way of making videos, also the talking part, because I don't think you talk too much. Greetings from Germany 🦄

  • Always Love your videos ! How beautiful is this horse and your riding session with her? I thought it was very smooth and calming. She's very smart and elegant ! Your voice is very expressive and positive. Great podcast Eva. Looking forward to more videos.✌ 🐴

  • Ah its so cool to see Rede transforming into a real lady of a horse! I also think its very funny that she has "resting bitch face" XD

  • What a beautiful relationship you have with each other. Nice job. I'm so happy I have found you through watching Matt and Jessa. Bravo!!!

  • I can't blame you one bit for being proud of her, Eva.great vidio.👏Rede is looking so good and like she got a boost in confidence. Nice work!🤗💓

  • 🐴❤…Rede is so Sweet🤗 Great video! Love your technique! This clearly shows how much She loves you!! Thank you for sharing!!…🐴❤

  • I am not sure why but the everyday horses in the USA just are not as nice as your horses. And there are many different breeds to choose from in your country. Happy trails…

  • You are so charming and fun with the way that you play with your horses and the way that you share your thoughts. So Fun!

  • I love the way you are with your horses. You are so kind, and gentle. Thank you, for spreading the love ❤️

  • I couldn't stop smiling through your whole video. You are so special and I'm so happy you and Jesse learned English so well. Your video today reminded me of when I was young, riding in the mud and bareback. I really like your tack room too, it's soooo cool!! I love your videos!! GO EVA!!!

  • She's absolutely beautiful,,I just subscribed `; love your personality and how you train! Look forward to watching your videos ! She did so well!!😊👍❤❤

  • I am officially a fan of yours now! So lovely the connection between you and this sweet horse! I trained one of my horses too years and years ago! You are so right, to end the training on a high note, always with gentleness, kindness and positivity…pays off in the end. ❤️

  • Great video, Eva! It is so clear that Rede enjoys working with you and wants to please you (despite the ears back! we have a little Mustang mare who is the same but we know she "doesn't mean it"!), you have a great relationship with her (as well as with Flip and Shilas too), it is really fun to see you working with her and the boys as well! Thank you for sharing these experiences with us … and the more you talk, the better! Hugs to you and your horsey companions!

  • Fijn om te zien en ook te lezen in de comments dat mijn merrie niet de enige is die zo'n chagrijnige kop op zet bij het grondwerken of spelen. Altijd die oren in de nek XD Kleine boze kleuter, maar ik vertel me zelf altijd maar dat dit haar focused face is 😛 Ze komt namelijk wel altijd als een blij ei naar me toe als ik met het katpoom of halster aan kom lopen 😀 <3 Dus leuk vindt ze het gelukkig wel 🙂

  • I love when u talking about what you doing and why you doing, so please taaaaaalk and don't worry about length of the video 😇 Sending greetings from Slovakia ❤️

  • My mare always has her ears back, but she's very sweet. People think she's mean, ha ha. Oh and great video.

  • hele mooie intro 😍 & zo knap hoe je met haar omgaat. Plezier staat bij jullie echt altijd centraal en dat is ongelooflijk leuk om te zien ☺️

  • Great vid! I’m happy it’s 20 minutes long, 10 minutes just seemed too short of a vid. Your horses look so beautiful and I love them so much I just want to reach through the screen and give them a hug! I can tell your taking very good care of them they look so happy and they also look like they are enjoying life too!

  • Na al die jaren (sinds 2011 geloof ik) is het nog altijd even fijn en leerrijk om jou en de paarden te volgen. Dankzij deze video ben ik terug enthousiast om met mijn jong paard aan de slag te gaan, ze staat nu ondertussen al enkele maanden stil dus ben benieuwd!

  • Aaah wat leuk!! Zo gingen de eerste keren met mijn Swartzie ook! Zonder zadel en of halster zitten en spelen, hij keek niet op of om. Het zijn geweldig slimme en lieve paarden 💕

  • This is so wholesome and heartwarming! I love your training philosophy, hope I'll have this kind of relationship with my akhal-teke mare at some point after I finaly buy her<3

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