Wishing For A Sunset Sky

30 thoughts on “Wishing For A Sunset Sky

  • Worse thing is, you were only a few miles from home, get yourself a bike Jason…you could have popped home for a spare card, lol.
    Seriously mate, bad luck, but that's a good road to find some great shots, especially if you go off on the public footpaths, that lead back to the Waunfawr road.
    And please, don't stop with the honest off the cuff comments, it makes the videos all the more appealing, it's good to have a genuine real person makes photography videos.
    BTW, you need to get up to the quarry, the light up there tonight along the mountains was wonderful.
    Keep up the videos.

  • It wouldn't be a JJ vlog without some sort of cock-up. That's why we watch. Its lucky that it wasn't a wonderful sky or you would have felt much worse. The good thing about not having a car is that it forces you to get out and about on foot, trying out stuff you usually drive past. It has big health benefits as well.
    Grin and bear it, your subscribers are still with you, even if you're just vlogging your back yard…. 😉

  • It stinks to be out ready to shoot and you forget a valuable piece of equipment. Have you thought about putting an extra card in your wallet?

  • bloody weather, the winter of 63 nearly killed me, so we moved to Australia in 1965, despite the fires, the weathers been fine ever since, , best thing dad ever did, great vid as usual, i think all cameras should at least have some internal memory for this very reason.

  • Despite your mishaps, still managed to create a great monochrome image. You seem to make the most of your predicaments and get out and about camera (but no card) in hand. Excellent!

  • You don’t need that sunset sky J you got a cracking mono shot of it…..nice one…you need some better luck my friend cars are allways going wrong I ce just had 2 weeks of it…

  • Both nice images Jason. Lovely composition and subject. The mono shot was my favourite. Was hoping you'd get that colour though mate. Maybe with forgetting your card is just want meant to be today 🤔😊

  • At least you got the image you were after, ‘every cloud’ and all that. It’s tough when you lose your wheels even for a short time but at least it doesn’t stop you getting out there and finding a new image. Keep up the good work.

  • Mate, you’re not alone, know so well the frustration of it: Beating yourself up all the way home: Wanting to slam your head into a brick wall: The bad news is it’ll happen again with something else. I carry two or more cameras nowadays: I felt for you my friend:

  • Mate when we all go to the Faroes mate you best let me or Owain hold you memory cards. Plus I am coming to your house to help you pack Haha

  • I and im sure a lot of others have done the same thing so try not to beat yourself up too much. And at least you managed to get some nice shots.

  • Don't be daft! I can swing by with my wheels if you fancy a change of scenery shortly mate – drop me a line any time! 😊👍

  • Feel your pain Jason,😞 it's normally my drone card I forget 😡 all credit for walking to your location tho, and nice images to boot. Well done M8

  • If you hadn't told us and just carried on with the 200D we wouldn't know you had forgotten your card! An excellent shot in any case. Would the card from the 200D not fit the 5D by the way?

  • Hi Jason i know it,s not photography related but check this Music video out by a Dutch band called Delain think you might recognise this place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpJ1ma3I0Ag

  • Ah, we've all done those things. I've forgotten to charge the battery on the only time I can remember not bringing spare batteries…
    Love the square B&W composition.

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