so I’m here at Myra Falls today and I’m
come I’ve come here with friend Gavin he’s having a little trouble on the Ice OH! shit you okay right if you’re a regular visitor to my
youtube channel I may have you kind of believe that every location I go to is
absolutely fantastic and everything I point my camera at is golden and the
truth of the matter is is that there are many trips or many occasions that I’ve
recorded or videotaped that you haven’t seen just because it just doesn’t work
out very good at all and it probably wouldn’t make very interesting content
if you’ve been watching my videos lately I’ve been hanging out with Gavin
Hardcastle quite a bit and if you follow his videos on his channel you may have
watched a video about us going into a coastal area where there was a cave and
some waterfalls now that was Gavin’s version now I’m
going to give you my version Actually there was nothing wrong with
Gavin’s version or there’s nothing sinister about it either
I just wanted to put that sinister laugh in there it never ceases to amaze me the lengths
that we go to as photographers just to take a couple of images
hello everybody hope you all doing really well okay now if you’ve watched
my videos from the very beginning you may recall I did a video on Vancouver
Island where I came to a cave I was talking about coming back here one day
and photographing that cave because it has a waterfall actually two waterfalls well Gavin and I
decided that we were to come out and photograph this cave I checked the tides
low tide and Gavin said he had a ladder now when he said he had a ladder I
thought he meant he had a rope ladder or a wire ladder but we’ve ended up bringing
like an aluminum stepladder so it would have worked okay I have a climbing rope and a bunch
of slings and carabiners so we were just going to tie off the ladder and climb down to the cave but even
though it’s low tide it’s still pretty high and it’s looking really dangerous
I think we’re gonna be going down there today we’ll have to leave it for another day the
waterfalls are just raging right now looks really nice but it’s super
dangerous so yeah well I’m not going down there one of the great things that I did
discover on this trip was just how agile Gavin is for such a portly fellow to – okay
so the caves turned out to be a dud so what do you do from there well we
decided to go to another location not too far from there
avatar Grove which is an old-growth forest that I’ve I’ve taken a couple of
videos in that Grove but again the conditions were just not that great and
all I ended up getting was some video footage of myself and Gavin walking up
and down the boardwalks so port renfrew was a bit of a dud and then from there
we decided to drive home and the next day we drove another three hours all the
way up to Strathcona Provincial Park to go and check out an area called Karst
Creek which I’ve done a video about as well so we got to Karst Creek all
prepared to photograph this lovely stream and wouldn’t you know it the
whole stream was just dried right up it was very disappointing I did get to use
the facilities though so in desperation we ended up going to
another location that I’ve photographed not that long ago actually Myra Falls and
luckily things were starting to go our way a little you know it’s really quite funny so I
come all this way out to Strathcona provincial park to photograph a
waterfall and I end up being attracted by something quite different than the
waterfall and that’s something at the bottom of my feet
and I’ll just show you what it is there we go
there’s a really great ice pattern and I’m sure I can get something out of this
get some nice abstract kind of designs out of this okay so the composition that
I’ve got so far and I’m having a bit of a trouble with
reflections here I’ve tried putting a polarizer on this
but it doesn’t do anything so what I’m having to do is cast kind of my shadow
over it to try and cut down on the reflections most of the reflections are
coming from the sky above so you know it’s a little bit difficult polarizer
doesn’t really do much because the reflections aren’t coming from a 90
degree angle so I just keep varying my my shadow over this pattern I really
love these these curves here but I’m not sure if it might be too far from this
end I’ve cut off this circle here because I’m not sure if it’s necessary
or not so I’m gonna do a bunch of different variations of this you know
with abstracts it’s somewhat difficult because it what’s all about balance and
trying to balance one side of the photograph to the other as I keep
looking at this I’m thinking that maybe I should include the whole circular part
here in the corner and then that way if I do that it’ll shift this really nice
curvy bit over to the corner up here so why don’t I do that and then I’ll show
you the the ones that I think are probably the best out of the bunch
anyway it’s a really really neat abstract I love it all right now I taken a few drone
images I think they might be okay but when I was taking the drone footage I
noticed that there’s quite a bit of ice up on the upper falls here and it’s
really quite beautiful so I managed to scramble up here and you’ll notice
there’s all this kind of ice on the on the rocks here quite dangerous to walk
on but to photograph it’s just beautiful so I have a composition here that I
quite like and I’ll show it to you it involves this this log here that just
covered in all this frost and then we have the main waterfall and then
just across the the river here we have these trees and then it’s just frosted
it’s just it’s really really nice so let me show you my composition and and we’ll
go from there all right now this should work quite well now when I first got up
here I saw this log and I thought I don’t really like the log but now that
I’ve put it in the frame it works really quite well I think because it’s on a
diagonal and it’s quite bright it draws your eye up to this side of the frame
and then up to the waterfall and I’ve included a little bit of this waterfall
over here as well I’m not sure I might crop that out I’m not sure yet I’ll just
darken it down because the main subject for me of these these frosted rocks here
this frosted Rock and then of course we have the waterfall in the background but
yeah I think I think it’ll work quite well the only thing that I’m not sure
about and I don’t know if I can get it a little higher is this rock here it’s
kind of blocking the the flow of the river but I’ll see if I can get up
higher and get a shot looking down on it more with the river behind it but yeah I
I think this will work quite well I made it back to the car well that
wasn’t really the trip that we had planned but it wasn’t too bad
Myra Falls is it’s quite pretty problem with Myra Falls is that you’re quite
limited in in the direction that you can take your photography you know you’re
you’re looking at the Falls directly at pretty much the same angles every time
you can’t get on the other side very easily there’s no way I’m going to jump
across this time of year especially with all that ice so your options are a
little bit limited but beautiful nonetheless especially with the icicles
in there so as always if you enjoyed my video be sure to give me a thumbs up and
if you enjoy the content of my channel don’t forget to subscribe alright
everybody thanks so much and I will see you hopefully next week okay bye

100 thoughts on “When LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY plans go wrong

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