What You NEED To Know Before You Go To Santorini! | 🇬🇷Santorini Travel Guide 🇬🇷

Welcome to Santorini! If you’ve heard of Santorini the chances are an image of white washed towns, blue topped chapels and world class sunsets springs to mind. This picture perfect greek island that lies in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland, now sees nearly 2 million tourists every year. Quite […]

The Splinter Cell Game Ubisoft Won’t Let You Buy | Pandora Tomorrow Retrospective

Pandora Tomorrow is the hardest of all the mainline Splinter Cell games to play. Not to beat, necessarily, just to actually play. Putting handheld and mobile games to one side, Ubisoft sells every Splinter Cell game on its Uplay store except Pandora Tomorrow and it’s not available to download legally anywhere else either. Even if […]

Impractical Jokers: The Movie – Official Trailer | truTV

– Warning– the following program– uh, movie– contains scenes of graphic stupidity among four lifelong friends who compete to embarrass each other. Hello? Oh. Are you all right? Oh my god. I’ve been down here since 1987. I was looking for the gift shop. It’s on down on the left. On February 21, the world’s […]

Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates go on a Zany Adventure on “Z” Island

(light music) – Ahoy there, shipmates. It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today, we’re going to be exploring a new island and learning all about things that start with the letter Z. Keep a lookout for zebra, zinnias, zebrafish, zebu and zeppelin. Good thing we have a zest for adventure. Ooh, woo! Time to start the show. […]

Best LCC EVER!? Jetstar A320- JQ849 Hamilton Island-Sydney (4K)

hello and welcome to Australia flight 849 from Hamilton Island to Sydney on their Airbus A320 aircraft Hamilton Island Airport also known as Great Barrier Reef Airport It is one of the most major airport in the Whitsunday a region which give you access to Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful whiteheaven beach the seats […]

Destruction Darius 2 – Pt 3 – Islands

After the last episode I was deciding between polishing the game and adding more gameplay features. I decided to do a third option instead, by building on what goes on beyond the individual levels themselves. With the first game, you would play through 4 stages and the highscore would be the total combined time. But […]

Are Thai Women Better to Date?

Hey, so I am a traveler, and I’m here in Thailand and When talking with other travelers especially a lot of women and talking about dating a lot of them would say things to me like well You know all the Western guys want to date Thai women and Asian women and I always wondered […]

Savor the Last Sail | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 52

(funky guitar music) – [Kirk] Welcome back to Sailing Soulianis. Last time, we left the Keys and began our journey north to Port Charlotte, where we plan to put the boat on the hard for hurricane season. We highlighted a few projects we needed to get done while hauled out, including a new bottom job […]

Outings Around Blantyre, Malawi. Episode 198

Lets visit some spots a bit further from Blantyre. Starting with Cape Maclear. The resort strip is located along the village beach. I suggest that you rent a kayak and escape. But once you leave the mainland you are officially in the National Park and must pay a small fee. Look at that. Even an […]

Nursery Rhymes By Kids Baby Club – Ben The Train – Ben And The Numbers In Island

Hello! kids I’m Ben And I’m going to teach you the numbers today Wow! look it all that candy Yummy… Oh! Look, there is number one Hi! number one Hi! Ben I was just teaching the children all about you Hello! there… I’m number One I’m the first number You cannot learn your numbers without […]