Female Erotica in Japan (Full Documentary)

Absinthe & Chili Dogs in the Motor City: Chef’s Night Out with Guns & Butter

Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore, you mean Catholic church? We […]

Dangerous Recovery Mission Underway After New Zealand Volcano Eruption | NBC Nightly News

Cruise ship involved in New Zealand volcano tragedy returns to Sydney

I did see, which just broke my heart, broke my heart, I saw security and ship people taking people’s cases off down the hallways and taking them away and … dreadful. How would you describe the mood on board? Very sombre, a lot of praying, a lot of people crying for many, many days. Even […]

Chilean Air Force Plane Disappears With 38 People On Board | NBC Nightly News

The Giants of Iceland

Iceland. Its very name suggests a kind of strength. Something about its viking history, its inhospitable climate, and massive geothermal power has given the country an almost unparallel reputation in the world’s strongest man competition. It might have a population of just 300,000 people, but amongst those are some of the strongest that have ever […]

The Factory Flawed Air Jordans Worth $143,000

Defending Ukraine’s Naval and Air Bases: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

The Jared Gimbel Story (March 2017)

Hello, everyone! My name is Jared, and today I’m going to be speaking a lot of languages Some of them I know very well, others I don’t know very well. Keep in mind that I’m not doing this for myself, but I’m doing this for you… So that you can make your polyglot visions into […]