ESA Preview 2020

In January, Konnect a Eutelsat satellite will be launched on an Ariane 5 from Kourou. Konnect is the first Neosat Telecommunications platform with electric propulsion developed within a Public Private Partnership between ESA and industry. It comprises 2 platform lines, one with Airbus, one with Thales Alenia Space. Towards the end of year another innovative […]

[Weather] Widespread rain arrives this evening, dust in central regions

good afternoon have an umbrella handy if you plan to head home in the evening it’s forecast to rain lightly across and much of the country rain will fall from this evening through early Saturday and western regions in Jeju Island will see 5 to 10 millimeters of precipitation into tomorrow while mountainous regions in […]

Niuean 10-Day Challenge Complete Collection (April 2019)

My name is Jared. I live in Brooklyn now. I will travel to Slovakia next month. I will be presenting about the Niuean Language. I also love April Fool’s Day! I teach languages, mostly English, Yiddish, Finnish and Scandinavian languages. I also am a translator. I am also designing a video game set in contemporary […]

[Weather] ‘Bad’ levels of fine dust while Jeju has rain in store for Christmas day

ultrafine dust level soared on Tuesday forcing many people to wear masks if you all wanted a don’t fit it away just yet as you might need it tomorrow on Christmas Day especially if you’re in congedo province Sejong the chungcheong-do provinces holo-book the province Tagore Council book tour where fine dust is expected to […]

[Weather] Rain across the nation on Tuesday and Wednesday lows set to plunge to below freezing

we’ll need to get our umbrellas ready as rain is in the forecast for tonight in central areas and the whole nation starting early tomorrow morning in western areas then expanding to the rest of the country around 30 millimeters of rain is expected in chungcheongnam-do and helada provinces as well as the south coast […]

무인도 생존기 – 허팝 (How to live in a deserted island)

It is so small..but I can wear it. No way!? Is it slipper? It is so big.. But I think I can wear it. Done. Already installed. I can walk around! Let’s go~ My slipper!! Where is here? I think..Here is a desert island… Crab!! I’m scared..How can I catch it? How can I catch […]

10 Best New Cruise Ships of 2020!

Can you believe that 2020 is right around the corner? If you’re like us, then you are probably already planning or maybe have booked some cruises for the upcoming year. 2020 looks to be one of the most exciting years for cruising with some brand new innovative ships launching, as well as ships coming out […]

Madeira island | Drone Video

Hi guys, welcome to another video Today we will show you a viewpoint here in Madeira island We will show you a serie of viewpoints but today we are just going to show you one, “Garganta Funda” after this viewpoint we will pass in a lighthouse near here at Ponta do Pargo also very beautiful […]

Ian Rush reveals why Liverpool will be glad they lost top spot in

  Liverpool fans were left frustrated at the weekend when their goalless draw at Everton saw them surrender the Premier League top spot   Manchester City leapfrogged the Reds as a result of their weekend win over Bournemouth leaving the Reds concerned entering the title run-in   Yet Liverpool legend Ian Rush reckons his former […]

[Weather] Cold wave alerts to be issued in central and Jeolla-buk-do Province tonight…

the air quality is getting better and we’re expecting good to normal levels tomorrow certainly is a relief let’s turn to our NASA Lisa for more at the Weather Center Natalie yes fine dust alerts were issued around the capital among other places today but the cold wind is blowing away the fine dust and […]