Dreamland Chronicles | Dreamwalkers

Throughout human history people have been fascinated by the mysterious nature of dreams. It’s not known for certain who was the first to cross the border between reality and dreams, but ever since then enthusiasts around the world have been obsessed with this idea. Those who manage to get to the other side become dreamwalkers […]

Laughs in Translation – Visiting the Happiest, Weirdest Place in Denmark (with Brooks Wheelan)

Denmark, ranked as the number one happiest country in the world year after year. That’s 17 spots higher than the United States. Denmark is also one of the healthiest, greenest, and most democratic countries in the world. It is the birthplace of fairy tales, like The Little Mermaid, Legos, and cheese danish. Happy, healthy, and […]

Real Life Achievements: Start the Day with a Beer | Rooster Teeth

Gavin; OK Gavin: Shithead Geoff: Oh, hi. Gavin: How much can you drink in a day? Geoff: As much as you’ve got. Gavin: So if I bust into your room tomorrow– Gavin: and just hand you, like, a bottle of beer that we got in the fridge– Gavin: you could just neck it, like, shift […]

A Rhode Island Family Keeps Sustainable Fishing Alive | The Last Trap Family

– I don’t think people realize what it takes to catch the fish. (waves crashing against boat) – [Boat Hand] Keep pulling, keep pulling. (gentle music) – Rhode Island’s the only state that fishes this way. In the 1800’s, there was 200 traps that lined the shore. We’re the last fishing family that fishes this […]

Half Past Dead (Steven Seagal) — Movie Review #JPMN

Loud, stupid, and unnecessary. Written and directed Don Michael Paul in his directorial debut, this action film was released in November of 2002, where it failed to earn back its $25 million dollar budget. It also has the notable distinction of being the only Steven Seagal film to be rated PG-13. When a Russian thief […]

Rage Quit – Dead Rising 2 | Rooster Teeth

Why? Why is the fucking load time so long? Come on! I could fucking read, no, I could write a book in the time it takes to load the fucking screen. It’s like Playstation 1. But, you know what? Don’t even, don’t even care. Well, obviously I do. But that’s not the main fucking point, […]

Happy Hour #28 – Titanic Tears | Rooster Teeth

Griffon (behind camera): Hey! What’s happening? Geoff: Shut up! Griffon: Geoff! What’s going on? Geoff: *Sniff* I want to watch “Titanic Double D” Griffon: *Laugh* don’t. Millie: *Runs in excitedly* Griffon: Why are you crying? Geoff: I’m not crying. Griffon: What happens? Geoff: *Sniff* He was waiting for her at the clock tower. Griffon: *Laugh* […]

Camp Camp: Episode 9 – David Gets Hard | Rooster Teeth

♪ ♪ T-G-I-F, kiddos! Boy has it been a week! David: Monday we went base jumping for Ered’s Extreme Sports Camp, Tuesday we froze Harrison alive for Magic Camp, I can fix that… David: Wednesday was a double-whammy for Arts and Performance! (sinister tone): Do not move a muscle. David: And all of these hilarious […]

RT Life – Geoff watches the Dead Island Announcement trailer

Jack: Alright Geoff, Jack: So what are you about to do? Geoff: I am about to make a mistake, I think. Jack: Okay. Geoff: I am going against my better judgement. I have been told, Everybody who works with me at Rooster Teeth, and Achievement Hunter knows that as a father of a young girl, […]