I Went Exploring & Found $100,000 in Abandoned Treasure Chest… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

If treasure is what you seek then you’re in luck. Oh,oh gosh But then I came closer and I realized that looks like there’s actually some sort of note inside there Oh my gosh Honestly, I have no clue why just found but I think it’s some sort of ancient knows if treasure is What […]

Borneo Death Blow – full documentary

In the remaining jungle of Borneo, lives a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers. They’re known for their survival skills and for the deadly poison they use on their blowpipe darts the Penan My name is Raphael Treza. I’m a musician and film-maker I’m going to spend the next three months with the Penan tribe of Malaysia […]

Dead Island – Weapon System in-Depth Analysis

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is MikePushkin and I would like to present an in-depth analysis on weapon system in Dead Island. In Dead Island player has to use various tools in order to fend off crowds of rampaging zombies. Available weapons and instruments can be devided on four categories: Blunt weapons, such as wrenches […]