The Battle of Maldon 991 AD

It is a gusty summer morning somewhere on the Essex coast. Answering the call of Byrhtnoth, local ealdorman, many simple farmers and peasants gathered to defend their shire against the Norse invaders, reported to be plundering the coast some miles to the south. Byrhtnoth, already in his sixties, but still of imposing physical presence, standing […]

5 Pound “Stack Attack!” Burger Challenge at Ruby’s Diner w/ Jon Bello | Freak Eating

Ruby’s diner celebrated their 35th anniversary with an eating challenge you got a three and a half pound burger tower a side of fries and a milkshake with a flavor of your choice eat it all in 35 minutes and you win a $35 gift certificate a t-shirt and other Ruby’s merchandise was i able […]

[RCC entry] A Discovery of Duality with Michael (ft. BennLivid)

ATLAS and P-body were going down the street. ATLAS said… P-body said… Uh, actually, um… That was a horrible rendition of what they would actually sound like. And this entry is getting a bit awkward. So, I’m going to pass it on to my boy: BennLivid! Right. As you know, it was our plan to […]

Best Baseball Catch Ever?

if you want as many before you’ve seen up fair share literally highlights here’s possibly one of the best this is young Nathan Lewis be Irvine Police schuchman all-star team against East Long Beach played in San Marcos California an incredible catch in foul territory let’s see film watch the third baseman this is take […]

Why German spies blew up this US island

You ready to history? PHIL: Ready. You’re ready? Okay. Alright. I’m Coleman Lowndes. PHIL: I’m Phil Edwards. And this is History Club, where Phil and I tell each other a story from history that ideally the other one doesn’t know anything about. So today is my turn. And it’s a story of sabotage, deception, and […]

Jaime Lannister Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Interesting Facts

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is a popular Danish actor, producer and screenwriter. He plays the role of Ser Jaime Lannister in the American television series game of thrones. In this video we are looking into some of interesting facts of this Actor who comes from the theater background. 1. Rumor with the American actress Cameron Diaz. During […]

MAFS’ Cyrell sets the record straight about her new boyfriend, Love Island’s Eden Dally

NOW TO LOVEThis story was originally published by  and is republished with permission AFS’ Cyrell Jiminez-Paule has opened up about her new boyfriend, Love Island’s Eden Dally, after cynics questioned whether they were really in a relationship Images of the pair first emerged in March when they were spotted together at a burger outlet in […]

Kevin Doyle and John O’Shea relive Ireland v Wales at Croke Park

You both played at Croke Park in 2007 against Wales. What do you remember from that day? Go on Kev, you’ve a better memory. I don’t. We won anyway I think, did we? Stephen Ireland scored a good goal. I remember being injured in the lead up to it. And just getting back fit. Desperate […]

Fiji Airways Business Class – Airbus A330-300 – Sydney to Nadi Trip Report (FJ910)

hello my name is Paul Stewart and I’m at Sydney International Airport and later this afternoon I’m flying to Fiji with Fiji Airways in their business class. Now they’ve just bought two A350s which everyone’s very excited about but they’ve already got a few a330s so I was curious to see what their business class […]

MY BEST 360s YET (& how I got them)

I’ve spent this past week in Iceland and I’m just gonna say it, this is the best place on planet earth to shoot 360 or photography of any kind for that matter. This place is stunning with non-stop landscapes and sunsets that lasts for four hours. When you go into the heart of the country […]