Shetland Sheep: Meet Fancy

Hi, my name’s Kathy, and I think my favorite sheep has to be Fancy. Okay, so first thing in the morning, when the food is out, the sheep all kind of rush toward the one bucket. Which means they put their entire heads, and half their bodies in, sometimes. But what Fancy does is, she […]

Shetland Sheep: Meet Faye

Hi, my name is Barbara, I’m a volunteer here at the Zoo. My favorite sheep is Faye. And the reason why Faye is my favorite sheep is that she was the very first sheep to come out of the safety area and let me brush her. The favorite thing she likes is, she likes a […]

Eric Rasmussen, MD On Using iCons in Medicine to Improve Public Health in Iraq

>>Dr. Rasmussen: We recognized one of the things that the iCon Fund can do is mentor those who are inside Ministries that may have knowledge that can be shared and that we can enhance as outsiders. We recognize that there are cultural, religious, linguistic, and many other short comings, but we think that establishing iCon, […]

Welcome to Miami – Yacht Charter Maven of 1800yachtcharters Cleans Up

Hi, I’m Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters. Welcome to my backyard. Beautiful Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. Even though we arrange private yacht charter vacations around the world, we receive a lot of calls for Florida yacht charter vacations, and it’s so easy to see why – blue skies, beautiful ocean, and perfect […]