Burger King Food You Can Only Find in Thailand

H: 🎶 Budda Bu Budda Bu Buuu🎶. Burger King, our final big western franchise. H: I’m pretty excited because we’ve got some items on here that’s like, whoo. X: We got some really Thai items./ H: Right? H: Oh, where we going to start? H: Are we gonna start with the Western burgers?/ X: We’ll […]

South Island Road Trip | New Zealand

So because we are full-time traveling we don’t necessarily call what we’re doing a vacation but we did go on a vacation a couple of weeks ago. I was told to change because we’re filming different episodes today so this is the outfit I’m going with for this episode. We’re gonna tell you all the […]

Rome on a Budget | 24 Perfect Hours in Italy (First Time Visitor Guide)

Buon giorno tutto il mondo. Come stai? Now, I don’t speak Italian. Non parlo molto italiano. I don’t know if that was correct, but what I was trying to say was, “Good morning world. How are you doing?” Right now I am in Rome, Italy. I’m here with the lovely Carrie Rad, my beautiful girlfriend. […]

Tróndur í Gøtu on guitar

Hey. This is Heri from Týr. In this video I want to show you how to play the song Tróndur í Gøtu from our album By The Light Of The Northern Star, rhythm guitars and my solo included. There are two guitars throughout the song. Here’s the first guitar in the first part, from the […]

Cies Islands, part I: “The best sunset in Spain”

All right, so I’m finally set up here on the islands I set up the tent Let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on I’ve come here to this beautiful National Park just off the coast of Galicia For me, this is the most beautiful place in Galicia I came here this […]

Living in Iceland VLOG

hi guys and welcome back to my channel so it’s week six and unfortunately it’s been a bit of a week of having the lurkey but that hasn’t stopped me so we had in where’s nephew over to stay this week we took them to feed the ducks in time I joined a life drawing […]

The Sword Pattern

Hi, this is Heri from Týr. In this video I want to show you another solo segment pattern. I made this from a short sixteenth triplet run in my solo in the song “By The Sword In My Hand” so I’ve called it The Sword Pattern. I have provided YouTube links to the song in […]


oh yeah check this out shares this is this awesome new RC car we got and the coolest thing is it came with paddle tires how tires are so awesome because they help cars drive on sand in this case on water okay cars charge let’s go test it out on the pond will upon […]

BEST Burgers in Hawaii (Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Review)

Escape The HALLOWEEN Haunted House Challenge! BOX FORT High School (Roleplay)

quiet down quiet down class welcome back to a new day of school today is a very special day because it’s my favorite holiday Halloween I am quite a fan of it so today I thought we would talk about Halloween dude Halloween safety come on I know how to trick-or-treat this is my first […]