Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Four: Route 13 to Route 18-1 제주 올레길

Hey! Welcome to part four of our Jeju Olle Trail walk this is the final section of our journey we are heading from here, Route 13 all the way back to Jeju City where we started about 3 weeks ago If you’ve missed any of the journey so far you can check it out by […]


Guys… I don’t know what time it is But I just woke up to that… It’s like from “The Ring!” Scary. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to our road trip across Northern England. Right now, we are in York, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and also, one of the most haunted. […]

CANADA’S BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL? | Quebec Summer Festival in 4K

What’s going on Vagabuddies? Welcome back to the channel. Right now we are in Montreal airport on our way to Quebec City, Canada. Quebec City is one of the favorite places that we’ve been. We were here a year ago during the winter, and this year Quebec City Tourism has invited us back to experience […]

HACKER DARES CHAD & REGINA to Twin Telepathy, Floor Is Lava & Fortnite Dance Challenge PZ9 vs Daniel

– Spy ninjas! Daniel is being held captive by PZ9. We need to go rescue him, right away. Guys, you ready? – Yeah. – Yeah. (panic sounds) Our TV’s getting hacked. – [Chad] We’re getting hacked. – (laughs) Guess who hacked your TV? It’s me PZ9. (laughs) Chad and Regina, where’s the feisty one? – […]

24 Hour Box Fort In The Woods 📦 Dollar Store Survival Challenge (Part 1)

I’m on the way secured the package they’re chasing me though I’m almost there hold on blink you need to hurry ya hear you loud and clear I’m almost at the drop-off point package is secure but they’re gaining on me Logan I pulled up to the drop now it’s all there yeah it’s all […]

This is why we travel MALAYSIA – Cost For Foreigners 🇲🇾

if you asked us for one month in langkawi we can definitely tell you right away that it is a gem of Malaysia and it’s perfect place for us as a better traveler is it not overcrowd and it’s not our prizes this cause of traveling video would break down the price for you for […]

um Island herum Teil 2, Gletscher und weitere Wasserfälle | the big round trip #09

It was just sunny and now rainy again, but they also say: If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 min. And it’s exactly like that, but actually it stopped already. Btw., behind me is the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, with the volcano which erupted 2010 and stopped the air traffic in Europe. And […]

长沙Day 2 – 橘子洲|金记糖油佗佗 | Changsha Day2 – Juzizhou Park | Hunan style donuts [Eng sub]

We just got the spicy numbing beef rice noodles I also added an extra egg with minced pork “patty with egg” OK, patty with egg same thing let’s try it spicy numbing beef first hard to chew the beef is dry texture is like beef jerky texture is so hard The spicy and numbing taste […]

MY BEST 360s YET (& how I got them)

I’ve spent this past week in Iceland and I’m just gonna say it, this is the best place on planet earth to shoot 360 or photography of any kind for that matter. This place is stunning with non-stop landscapes and sunsets that lasts for four hours. When you go into the heart of the country […]

Travel to the Northeast with an RV

– Well for about two weeks now, Old Kia has been at this shop here. And let me tell you, the Pennsylvania RV show, the Hershey show, it’s about a week away so I’m getting restless. Well that was Thursday morning. It is not Saturday night. And my suspicions were correct. Apparently they ran into […]