The Blood Eagle – Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind

Try and put yourself in this position for a moment. You’re a king in 9th century medieval England and you’ve been attacked and overrun by rather fearsome Viking hordes who’ve made the trip to kill and pillage, in that order. You’ve been told you’re going to be executed, and so you wait in some kind […]

Up Helly Aa Festival | Viking Fire Festival On The Shetland Islands | Euromaxx

The Vikings are back. Or were scientists wrong all along, and Viking culture never really disappeared? It’s certainly active and lively here… But these Vikings did not raid the city of Lerwick, on the Scottish Shetland Islands. They’re celebrating Up Helly Aa. It’s a Viking carnival. The UK’s northern-most archipelago is famous for its robust […]

The Battle of Maldon 991 AD

It is a gusty summer morning somewhere on the Essex coast. Answering the call of Byrhtnoth, local ealdorman, many simple farmers and peasants gathered to defend their shire against the Norse invaders, reported to be plundering the coast some miles to the south. Byrhtnoth, already in his sixties, but still of imposing physical presence, standing […]


We are the Vagabrothers. And this is the Jordvik Viking Festival. Look! An unsuspecting village. Attack! Good morning guys from ablustery morning here in York Right now we are walking down Shamble Street, which is quite possible the coolest street in the world. Yes, this is a very medieval city. But it was founded by […]

Top 10 Scary Viking Urban Legends

Starting off at number 10 we have The Blood Eagle. I hope you guys havent eaten recently because were starting off with something pretty horrific. The Blood Eagle was an ancient Viking torture method – usually saved for their worst enemies. Some historians believe it was so brutal, it cant have been real. Lets see […]

Tinder And Norwegians | Shetland Life

There are guys on Tinder, like new guys. There is fresh meat on Tinder in Shetland. And they’re beautiful. They’re handsome and tall, well they say they’re tall. They’re Norwegians, And they’re 15 km away. Yes. Yes. Now they’re 10 km away. These guys are 5 km away this is amazing. Wuoooooay! I got a […]

What’s so Special about Shetland Wool? – Yarn University #11

If you’re at all familiar with fair isle knitting, you’ve probably heard of Shetland wool. But aside from grazing on picturesque, windswept moors what makes Shetland sheep different from other famous breeds? Sheep are just sheep, right? (“Pomp and Circumstance”) (sheep baaa!) Shetland sheep come from, you guessed it, the Shetland Islands in Scotland but […]

Building a Viking Age Hearth

In today’s video we’re going to be building a Viking Age hearth. Hearths such as these were common across Iceland. The example that we’re going from is from the Bryggen Museum in Bergen, Norway. For more information, check below.

Vikings season 6: Who is Harald Fairhair? Will he become King of Norway?

 Finnish actor, Peter Franzén, stars as Harald Fairhair in Vikings on History and Amazon Prime His brother in the series was played by BlacKKKlansman actor Jason Pääkkönen who was killed off in season five of the show has everything you need to know about the real Harald Fairhair. Who is Harald Fairhair? Will he become […]