Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu’s healing tour to Ganghwado Island Part.1[Battle Trip/2019.05.26]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hweejae, Juhaknyeon) Travel is war. Battle Trip. Hello! Our special host is Juhaknyeon of The Boyz! – Good to see you! / – Welcome. Best we The Boyz! Hello! I’m Juhaknyeon of The Boyz. I’m a big fan of the show. I’ve only watched the […]


we’re going to take tiko for a walk our daily routine every morning we are going to gather this wood for fire wood we are going camping, gonna use this wood for cooking wood from this fallen tree a pine tree, not bad for fire wood gonna grab some coffee what do you want? gimme […]

Phuket Trip #2: Parasailing, Zip-lining, Banana Beach Koh Hey Island, more Food!! | DTV #32

Myanmar:Yangon to Pathein ferry

Leaving Yangon at 4:30PM A trip of 20 hours Sleeping and sitting on deck Ferry crossing Yangon river People like to feed Gull birds Yangon old name is Rangoon Biggest city in Myanmar but not capital Travelling by boat used to be popular in Myanmar but because the building of new bridges and better roads […]


Guys… I don’t know what time it is But I just woke up to that… It’s like from “The Ring!” Scary. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to our road trip across Northern England. Right now, we are in York, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and also, one of the most haunted. […]

CANADA’S BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL? | Quebec Summer Festival in 4K

What’s going on Vagabuddies? Welcome back to the channel. Right now we are in Montreal airport on our way to Quebec City, Canada. Quebec City is one of the favorite places that we’ve been. We were here a year ago during the winter, and this year Quebec City Tourism has invited us back to experience […]

Madeira island | Drone Video

Hi guys, welcome to another video Today we will show you a viewpoint here in Madeira island We will show you a serie of viewpoints but today we are just going to show you one, “Garganta Funda” after this viewpoint we will pass in a lighthouse near here at Ponta do Pargo also very beautiful […]

um Island herum Teil 2, Gletscher und weitere Wasserfälle | the big round trip #09

It was just sunny and now rainy again, but they also say: If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 min. And it’s exactly like that, but actually it stopped already. Btw., behind me is the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, with the volcano which erupted 2010 and stopped the air traffic in Europe. And […]


What’s up, guys? You’re watching Vagabrothers. Welcome back to our road trip across the north of England. In this episode, we’re exploring the Lake District, climbing its highest peaks, fishing its lakes and rivers, and sampling the best of Cumbrian cuisine. Let’s go. All right. Well first up we’re at Honister Pass. We’re at Honister […]

What is Wales?

You’re watching Vagabrothers. We’re in Wales, and this is the world’s fastest Zipline. Let’s go. 3-2-1 We are going to switch to Go Pro, and we’re going to get in the ocean. Let’s go. What’s up Vagabuddies? And welcome back. This is the first episode in a five-part series about one of the most fascinating […]