5 Turkish Foods You Need to TRY! – Istanbul Turkish Food Taste Test!

yeah afternoon guys we’re out of fun market and we’re going to eat some food some Turkish food and you’re gonna love it all right well I asked you guys on Instagram which we should eat and these are the different things that you sent us okay seven ah and it’s gonna be delicious mouthing […]

3 Days in MALTA – Valletta, Mdina, Stunning Blue Grotto, 3 Cities

(UPBEAT HAPPY MUSIC) (VOICER OVER) Malta is often described as one big open-air museum. And if this is true, then this is a museum with not only a trendy cafe and gift shop, but also an impressive entrance. And with some of the nicest doors and windows around. Its capital city of Valletta balances its […]


(upbeat music) (kids chattering) – Hey, what is up you guys? I’m in Manila, Philippines and I’m joined here with Finn Snow – What’s up, guys? – From Iceland. I’m not only here with Finn Snow but I’m also with the one and only, Mike Corey. – This isn’t Mexico, where are we? – I […]

My first few weeks working in the Cayman Islands

hello family and friends I am happy to report that three weeks in and I’m still very much alive for those of you haven’t noticed I’m missing yet I have moved to the Cayman Islands after an extremely long flight I am finally in the Cayman Islands we landed about 20 past five went through […]

INTERESTING Adventures on Orkney Island, Scotland! 😅

– There are some security guards at the gate, and so I don’t know if we can get in. What do you guys think, do you think they’ll let us in or nah? I’m Lauren, the video creator. And he’s Lukas, the music producer. We’ve created an online company that helps DJs and artists start […]

Lesser Sunda Islands 11 | Indonesia travel

Island-hopping. Doesn’t that have a nice holiday ring to it? But in this part of the world, holiday comforts take a backseat, right next to my butt. On all the planes, boats, buses, and bikes I needed to explore the Lesser Sunda Islands — a distance of over 1,000 kilometers across nine islands. Though while […]

Gili Meno – Álmaim szigete / Island of my dreams

There are 3 little island near to Lombok, those are only 10-15 minutes by fast boat: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. I’ve chosen the last one, which is the smallest and the most quiet. The locals only use bike, horse-down carrige and they go on foot. There is no car and motorbike on […]

GREEK STREET FOOD TOUR | Best GYROS in Athens + traditional Greek steakhouse | ATHENS STREET FOOD

today we’re in the stunning city of Athens, Greece we can’t wait to show you some of the best food this city has to offer if you love to eat Athens is the city for you the food culture here revolves around fresh vibrant ingredients cooked simply this is our second video from Athens and […]

Rick Steves’ European Travel Tips and Tricks

-Hi, I’m Rick Steves. In this special program, I’ll share practical money-saving experience enhancing lessons I’ve learned from a lifetime of travel. In this talk, I’ll share tips and tricks on stretching your travel dollar, avoiding crowds, eating and sleeping well, packing smart and much more. After spending a third of my adult life living […]

My First Trip to Ireland: Travel Film

(traditional Celtic music) (city sounds) – After an eight and a half-hour flight from Orlando, Florida and a cab ride from the airport to the Dawson Hotel, we are officially in Dublin. I am exhausted from that flight. Just gonna have to go straight to a pub so that I don’t pass out. – Or […]