What You NEED To Know Before You Go To Santorini! | 🇬🇷Santorini Travel Guide 🇬🇷

Welcome to Santorini! If you’ve heard of Santorini the chances are an image of white washed towns, blue topped chapels and world class sunsets springs to mind. This picture perfect greek island that lies in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland, now sees nearly 2 million tourists every year. Quite […]

Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Four: Route 13 to Route 18-1 제주 올레길

Hey! Welcome to part four of our Jeju Olle Trail walk this is the final section of our journey we are heading from here, Route 13 all the way back to Jeju City where we started about 3 weeks ago If you’ve missed any of the journey so far you can check it out by […]

Rarotonga Cook Islands Family Vacation Travel Vlog

Somehow our family always starts a vacation with a packing frenzy. But, we made it onto the plane, and this time were flying to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. And so our journey begins.. That won’t go darling! Stopped by the side of the road, oh, haha forgot you darling. ahaha Local food is the […]

Sentosa Island Singapore tour| Singapore cable car| Info on top Rides @Travel Nature Ritwick

Extremely bad customer handling ! So arrogant … Sharks are attacking for food! We have boarded on Double Decker bus . Going to Sentosa Island Will get down at Harbourfront stoppage. From there will take cable car to fly inside Sentosa. For cable car ride Come to Tower two harbourfront. From here you will get […]

How to Travel Langkawi – BEST Langkawi MALAYSIA Travel Guide!!

Good morning! We are here in the island of Langkawi, which is supposed to be the Hawaii of Malaysia. And it is beautiful! Good morning from Pantai Cenang! If you wake up early enough, around 6 or 7 o’clock, you’ll be able to get the entire beautiful white-sand beach miles and miles long all to […]

Navigating Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok & Flight Travel Tips

Good morning, and how are you doing today? I hope you are having a beautiful day Now today I am taking you from the busy streets of Bangkok to the beautiful beaches of Bali But first I have to get through all this traffic to the airport I hope I’ve left enough time, I always […]


in today’s video we continue our Vancouver Island road trip and finally began making our way south so let me warn you guys you’re in for a lot of rain in this episode the plan was to drive from Port Alice to Comox while taking a few detours to go hiking but that didn’t happen […]


welcome to Djerba Tunisia this is the largest island of North Africa connected to mainland Tunisia by a causeway we’re touring the island with offseason adventures to check out the incredible beaches meet local artisans and experience the culturally rich atmosphere let’s go check it out this is the island of Djerba there’s two ways […]

J’ASSISTE A UNE ERUPTION DE TORTUE (Documentaire animalier tourné en Australie à Heron Island)

Welcome to the great barrier reef Between december and february people from every corner of the globe flock to catch a glimpse of something incredible Out of the sand, emerges a new generation of turtles This intrepid young green turtle begins its journey towards the sea by pure instinct An instinct which has motivated generations […]


Erica Conover here and this is a video Journal of my world travels and little bits of my life here in the greatest city on earth New York recently I got back from a week-long trip to Iceland in this video I made a list of the most incredible places I saw walks blow in […]