ASMR*) MUKBANG 돼지고기 김치찌개와 통스팸 반숙계란후라이 Pork Kimchi Stew / Spam / Fried egg / Korean laver of eating

today’s food Pork Kimchi Stew! I cooked this. I really wanted to eat this today. That’s why I made it. four fried eggs a barrel of Tong Spam I brought it like this.^~^ Ah! Wait a minute. I’ll have seaweed with me.^~^ I brought this, too. the passing moment I am going to drink this […]

12 Videos That Will Make You Say NOPE

Remember to always say “nope” to scary situations in real life and get out of there fast because this is what happens when you say “Yes” 12. This video starts with someone trying this person’s door like they really want to get in. The only problem is . . . nobody’s there at all, and […]

Box Fort Zombies Vs AC130 GUNSHIP Airplane! Nerf War Z Challenge 📦😱

Jake zombie 25 hi guys so if you’re just tuning in we are currently inside our house and there are 25 bandits in here not to mention about a hundred zombies outside we’ve just learned that trader Joe was actually working with the bandits and that’s where he gets all the items to trade us […]

How To Build A LEGO Outdoor Patio Kitchen DIY Tutorial

Let’s build a LEGO patio kitchen complete with barbecue, outdoor, sink patio furniture and foliage let’s begin the base of our outdoor patio starting with a 1 by 4 plate place it right on the top right hand corner of a 6 by 10 plate let’s proceed with 2 more 1 by 4 plates let’s […]

Dragon City: Bernard’s secret. Do you have one as well?!

Who I am? You must be wondering, right? Let me tell you who I am I am the very first player of Dragon City a Dragon Master! I see you guys out there with your Dragons in your pocket Dragon City is there with you all the time. At the train station, at the restaurant… […]

Iceland Travel Vlog [ENG Sub] | Forbidden Hot Springs, Northern lights

Hey guys! I’m currently in Berlin Tegel Airport. And. Wait, what time is it? OK, it is 6:30AM in the morning. yesterday, I made a very spontaneous decision with my bestie Mia. We decided to travel to Iceland for a week. RIght now, we are… Doing assignments! Because there’s something due tonight. So we have […]

Mega Man Legends 2 Abridged: 03 – The Serious Stranger of Snow Island

-OK, here’s the plan. I have some blueprints for a dropship that should be able to get you to the island, but I’m missing a few parts I need to build it, so we’ll need to stop somewhere for supplies. Sound good, Rock? …Rock? [M] -WHY?! {anguish} WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! -Rock, how […]

GUJARAT’S NON-VEG STREET Feat. KuttaJi – Indian Street Food Tour (Ahmedabad) #RockEats

I was wondering why is everybody sitting here, there’s about like like 30 people sitting outside this restaurant. Yeah, you donate money and they will feed the people sitting out here. Look, look there’s a dog in the box. Greetings in urdu. Friends, hello Ahmedabad, I’m here and tonight we are gonna explore Bhatiyar Gali […]