ASMR 세계 10대 혐오음식이라고?! 삭힌 오리알 송화단 리얼사운드 먹방 ROTTEN DUCK EGG

It’s delicious. Wow! Why is this delicious? It tastes really good How can it taste like this? There is a reason for fermentation. Wow! Hi, everyone. The food I prepared today is rotten duck eggs. It smells bad because it’s rotten. You can eat raw, but… To get rid of the odour of disgust Porridge […]

Peeper’s Smoked BBQ Challenge w/ Ribs, Chicken, Brisket, and MORE!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, Atlas, and I am very very excited tonight, because it’s my first time on Kelly’s Island, Ohio! I took the ferry up here today. The whole island is beautiful. The owner of where I’m at right now gave me a tour. It was just awesome. I am at Peeper’s […]

Rectangles of Grass: Olympic Stadium

On this rectangle in Olympic Park on the island of Montreal, people have been building for a long time. It started in the 60s, with a big idea to build a giant stadium to host the Olympics that would even have a retractable roof. And, you know, they tell me that the way they’re gonna […]

離島の小学校に行ってみた前編【Japan in Motion 2019 #27】

Something to catch eels What does it mean something to catch eels We catch eels by hand Good morning ! Yuri-chan, what do you have ? I brought a fishing rod when I was told to sail We don’t go fishing ! In the islalnd, we can catch a fish by fishing rod You can […]


– Are you ready? – I’m ready! (shouting) (laughing) Ugh. – It’s not that… – Fucking freezing (laughing) – It is not. (laughing) Oh yeah. You’re done. – Yeah, I’m good. (intense music) 10th of February 2018 going camping in El Nido. This is day one. We’ll be over-nighting on one of the islands. However, […]

Very IMPRESSED with LATAM £25.70 Madrid to Frankfurt | Economy Class Trip Report | SOPLANE

hello Wendell winglets and welcome to another so plane trip report I’m Nick and I’m the wrong face behind so claim earlier this year on a reed trip with two fellow EB geeks where we flew with Ethiopian Airlines and Latin on the European fifth the freedom flights the great thing about these flights is […]

This is What $1 Million buys you in NYC | Luxury Apartment Tour

this is what 1 Million Dollars buys you in New York City one of the most frequent questions I get asked in this series is to showcase more realistic and affordable luxury places in the city in this series we have toured some of the most expensive real estate in the United States I’m talking […]


hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m going to be telling you everything you need to know about the dior jordan collab guys if you are new here my name is Cassie I’m a self diagnosed luxury addict I put out videos […]


Hello everyone. I’m Yu Today I go beachcombing with my cousin We will pick goose barnacle There’re many goose barnacle over there. They’re not very big. We’ll go to the island to find the big ones There’re some here though. Let’s pick as much as we can Go Ping. There’re a lot here Wow. There’re […]