The War of Dirty Tricks: How Richard Branson Defeated British Airways

As the founder of more than 400 companies, Sir Richard Branson is without question one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of our time. And, as you’re probably aware, this knighted businessman is no virgin to the skies. Perhaps you may recall his attempt to circle the globe in a hot-air balloon. Or, one of his […]

62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

more and more countries are restricting entry from South Korea to deal with some cases where people have been mistreated the Korean government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front moon conn-young reports more than 60 countries are restricting the entry of people traveling from South Korea either through stronger quarantine measures or outright […]

ASMR*) MUKBANG 돼지고기 김치찌개와 통스팸 반숙계란후라이 Pork Kimchi Stew / Spam / Fried egg / Korean laver of eating

today’s food Pork Kimchi Stew! I cooked this. I really wanted to eat this today. That’s why I made it. four fried eggs a barrel of Tong Spam I brought it like this.^~^ Ah! Wait a minute. I’ll have seaweed with me.^~^ I brought this, too. the passing moment I am going to drink this […]

12 Videos That Will Make You Say NOPE

Remember to always say “nope” to scary situations in real life and get out of there fast because this is what happens when you say “Yes” 12. This video starts with someone trying this person’s door like they really want to get in. The only problem is . . . nobody’s there at all, and […]

Box Fort Zombies Vs AC130 GUNSHIP Airplane! Nerf War Z Challenge 📦😱

Jake zombie 25 hi guys so if you’re just tuning in we are currently inside our house and there are 25 bandits in here not to mention about a hundred zombies outside we’ve just learned that trader Joe was actually working with the bandits and that’s where he gets all the items to trade us […]

How To Build A LEGO Outdoor Patio Kitchen DIY Tutorial

Let’s build a LEGO patio kitchen complete with barbecue, outdoor, sink patio furniture and foliage let’s begin the base of our outdoor patio starting with a 1 by 4 plate place it right on the top right hand corner of a 6 by 10 plate let’s proceed with 2 more 1 by 4 plates let’s […]

Siargao Travel Guide (Bisaya Vlog)

Whats up. Homies! So our vlog right now is is a throwback video regarding of our siargao excursion for the past 4 years and then actually the reason why im vlogging this right now is my travel buddy which is in my side we spent 5 days in siargao and 4 days rent a motor […]

애쉬 아일랜드 & 박재범의 어색함 넘치는 토크 모음집 / Broken GPS [EP.17]

When The Quiett was on Broken GPS last time, your (Ambition Musik’s) boss and apparently I told him that I was interested in Ash Island? Honestly, I don’t remember but, but uh, I saw Ash Island’s Killing Verse on Dingo and was really surprised. When I saw your “Paranoid” MV I remember thinking that his […]