Kevin Doyle and John O’Shea relive Ireland v Wales at Croke Park

You both played at Croke Park in 2007 against Wales. What do you remember from that day? Go on Kev, you’ve a better memory. I don’t. We won anyway I think, did we? Stephen Ireland scored a good goal. I remember being injured in the lead up to it. And just getting back fit. Desperate […]

SEDNA Official Trailer (2014)

say something please you’ve been acting weird for two days remove the vests, i take care of skis this part is very icy as well you can take this way and go straight down or try to reach the summit maybe you should put a life jacket


What’s up guys? Welcome back. We’ve just landed in Newcastle We’re about to kick off an epic week-long road trip adventure through Northern England. And not only are we going to be taking you guys to some of the coolest places here, we are going to be traveling through time. So we’re going to begin […]

Interview Leo Van Der Elst Hercules Trophy

Tell us, what is the Hercules Trophy? An amazing experience A fabulous organisation People who try to stretch their limits Which is always fun to do If you do that in a smooth organisation and people have fun than it’s an amazing experience You always played in teams At the highest level Companies can win […]

Is The Dominican Republic Getting A Bad Rap?

hey good afternoon boss hogg aka star I’m in the building how are you guys on a Friday so much going on that I have to do a research show I have to and I want to lay something out in front of you guys and I want you two to entertain me because I […]

Edvard Johannesen – Oyggjaleikaluttakari – Island Games competitor

My name is Edvard Johannesen, I’m from Oyrarbakka I have trained Judo since 1996 I feel that I am strong and powerful and I do interesting Judo techniques I don’t do the same techniques all the time I invent techniques For me it’s about having a great experience the black belt I’d rather say that […]