MHS | Half Cheek Snaffle Jointed with Copper Mouth Piece

This is the MHS single-jointed half-toggle snaffle with copper nozzle. As the name says it all, the entire nozzle of this bit made of copper. Copper is sweet for horses making horses start nibbling on the bit sooner and may accept it faster. The bit is just broken. That means he at one point pivots […]

Nesting & Girlsta Up Helly Aa 2020

It started in 1961 And it was about New Year. A lot of the boys got together and just thought ‘the New Year is by, and everything is quietening down, what can we do now?’ Celebrations were all over now, unless we tried to hold an Up Helly Aa? And that’s how it started. Six […]

The Shetland dog models spread across the globe

the Shetland dog models whose voter shoots can stop traffic help this channel to grow up by clicking subscribe button and visit our website and make sure to like our video Kaleigh garrix canine photo shoots can stop traffic and Shetland and the fame of her very obedient dogs has now spread across the […]

Up Helly Aa Festival | Viking Fire Festival On The Shetland Islands | Euromaxx

The Vikings are back. Or were scientists wrong all along, and Viking culture never really disappeared? It’s certainly active and lively here… But these Vikings did not raid the city of Lerwick, on the Scottish Shetland Islands. They’re celebrating Up Helly Aa. It’s a Viking carnival. The UK’s northern-most archipelago is famous for its robust […]

Five Winter Nichts – a poem in Shetland dialect

Cloods tae great flecks at dennertime, da wireless said- we aye blink trow da curtains, but his gritter kent best. Twa cosy bunkbeds efter biggin snaa briggistanes under a muckle grey coo aalder is wir ain folk’s folk. Waiting fir Daddy tae set by his boilersuit aside da fire becus da dug slept dere so […]

Recreate Scalloway – Scalloway Community Council

Shetland has eighteen community council areas and they’re very, very different. You have some, like Scalloway for example, is quite a populated area and some of our other community councils in small remote islands with a very low population but I suppose something that’s kind of special to Shetland is the level of volunteering and […]