Five Winter Nichts – a poem in Shetland dialect

Cloods tae great flecks at dennertime, da wireless said- we aye blink trow da curtains, but his gritter kent best. Twa cosy bunkbeds efter biggin snaa briggistanes under a muckle grey coo aalder is wir ain folk’s folk. Waiting fir Daddy tae set by his boilersuit aside da fire becus da dug slept dere so […]

Recreate Scalloway – Scalloway Community Council

Shetland has eighteen community council areas and they’re very, very different. You have some, like Scalloway for example, is quite a populated area and some of our other community councils in small remote islands with a very low population but I suppose something that’s kind of special to Shetland is the level of volunteering and […]

Shetland Reel – Travel to Unst, Shetland

It’s getting off the boat feeling warm sore, but full of excitement It’s a real adventure like no other, that the whole family is welcome It’s unique scenery steeped in tales of island life, travellers and trolls. A place you never thought you would see. It’s fish and chips up on the brew at the […]

Shetland #8: Exploring Lerwick & Scalloway | Sailing Ramsalt

After a good night sleep we registered with the authorities and went straight for a proper english breakfast. The first of many to come! We soon learned that Shetland shares little with a tropical island weather wise, but the beautiful scenary and the pleasent people makes up for it two fold Lerwick is all built […]