The Great White Shark—one of the most feared predators in the seas. This is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, considered by many to be a man-eater. But just how aggressive are these sharks? Join me on an expedition to investigate great white sharks. Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my […]

Operation Apex Harmony – Timor Leste Campaign

The 2017 Apex Harmony Campaign The 2017 Apex Harmony Campaign in TImor Leste has so far in TImor Leste has so far been a huge success. Our mission was to come to The waters of Timor Leste The waters of Timor Leste to document the activities of a to document the activities of a to […]

Aquarium Adventures In Scotland + Shetland Ponies!

I’m eating a tooth tab from Lush and it’s TERRIBLE. I can’t… I tried, I can’t do this. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought these I mean, I was like, “Oooh so handy! Little tabs that will clean your teeth, “and you can just chew on em and isn’t that great?” […]

Does Megalodon still exist? Shark Week debunked

Sharks are really, really cool. They’ve been around about 400 million years. There’s over 400 species of them, and they even have the ability to detect electromagnetic fields in the water. All of which is why it’s so baffling that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has so little biology in it. Recently, it’s become more like […]

Why no aquarium has a great white shark

There are some shark species that seem to do okay in aquariums. You’ll see a lot of nurse sharks, zebra sharks, some reef sharks and sand tiger sharks. But not the great white. For decades, aquariums have tried to contain the world’s largest predatory fish. Institutions like Marineland, SeaWorld and the Steinhart Aquarium repeatedly took […]


In the Galapagos Islands, during certain times of the year, large aggregations of Scalloped Hammerheads come together to circle around Darwin Island. Scalloped Hammerheads normally live in the open ocean, but here at Darwin Island they come close to shore in large numbers. Considering the vast numbers of fish here, it would be logical to […]

Project White Shark — The Farallon Islands

Sal: 25 miles off the coast of California are a chain of islands where we can find some of the largest white sharks in the world. The Farallon Islands is one of the few spots where white sharks really spend the majority of their time. They’re not swimming up and down the coast so much […]

Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

I texted this clip to my wife who wanted proof I wasn’t doing anything stupid on a recent trip to the Bahamas Now if you’re wondering what my feet are doing in shark-infested waters with a bucket of blood 20 miles away from any land Well, that comes down to a conversation. I had with […]

Australian man rides dead whale

Oh look, a dead whale surrounded by sharks. Oh look, an idiot. That’s 26-year-old Australian man, Harrison, who took it upon himself to dive into the ocean near Australia’s Rottnest island to boar a dead whale and sort of ride it for a bit. Despite the heavy presence of sharks in the water, Harrison still […]