Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

Iceland: the land of majestic waterfalls, black sands, sparkling glaciers, and… maybe one of the world’s wildest solutions for solving climate change? Nestled beside the majestic hills of southwestern Iceland, are a series of huge pods capable of taking CO2 that’s been snatched from the air and injecting it into underground stones, where the gas […]

How to Make a FLOATING Fountain

[Captions by Y Translator] Let’s take a look at how to build your very own floating faucet. A cool optical illusion that makes it look like a faucet head is floating on a stream of water. [Music] We got a common request from Menachem Roubini, and I’m almost certainly pronouncing that incorrectly, but it was […]

Chicago’s Best Burger: ROCKS

when I heard we’re going to Lakeview Easter rocks for a stacked burger I mean a really stacked burger I’d sleepless nights cold sweats and final flashbacks but you know what I’m strong refreshed ready for redemption let’s stack this burger up Tim we’re here at Rob’s in Lakeview because of our fans on Facebook […]

Is This The Best Restaurant in the Caribbean? Sheer Rocks by Luxury Locations Antigua

We’re here at Sheer Rocks today to have a great lunch in a fantastic setting let’s go inside. Does it get any better than this! So I’m here with Simon who is the head chef of Sheer Rocks. Thank you for having us, and this food looks amazing can you tell me a bit about […]