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looks like we’re in a good spot now we’re in the middle of the lake it’s a perfect place to set up in order to make sure we don’t move along with the current and get lost we’ve got this massive anchor so three two one this is your guy someone who’s traced this here […]

Volcanic eruption kills 5 people, injures more than 30 on New Zealand’s White Island

Monday’s deadly volcano eruption in New Zealand has killed at least five people and left dozens of others injured or missing the whitehat island volcano erupted at around 2 p.m. local time around 50 kilometers from the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island the police say they do not expect to find more survivors […]

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– Hey, what’s up? Well, I’m trying to work on a sequel to “The Old Man And The Sea”. Are you– are you allowed to do that? But I can’t get anything done. It’s so damn loud around here. Yeah, that’s what Hemingway used to complain about. This Spanish Civil was just too loud. How […]