Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

Iceland: the land of majestic waterfalls, black sands, sparkling glaciers, and… maybe one of the world’s wildest solutions for solving climate change? Nestled beside the majestic hills of southwestern Iceland, are a series of huge pods capable of taking CO2 that’s been snatched from the air and injecting it into underground stones, where the gas […]

The Mysterious Shape of a Dead Star

A planetary nebula represents one of the final stages in the life of a star like our Sun. Near the end of its life, before it consumes all of its remaining fuel, a star expels its outer layers. These are then excited by the radiation of the star and begin to glow brightly, showing intricate […]

Amazing Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We’ve Destroyed Them

– [Narrator] Mother nature has several masterpieces that leave us in awe. But because of humankind, many of them get destroyed. Marvels that have existed for thousands and even millions of years disappearing in a matter of seconds thanks to our intervention. Here is a list of 10 of the most amazing ones that we’ve […]

Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic (Part 2/3)

JAKE BURGHART: Starting to have a bit of a breakdown. Let’s see. I’m going to take this tape out, put it in my pocket after I shoot it, and– I don’t even know why I’m shooting it right now. It’s sort of a– I just kind of really need someone to talk to. I don’t […]

Jakarta is sinking! – Equator from the Air – BBC

The city is growing upwards and outwards with astonishing speed. Jakarta now covers more than 250 square miles of what was once lush coastal planes and forested hills. I’m really struggling to see an area of green space that’s bigger than a football field. It’s just like a big sea of grey and brown. It’s […]