How to Open A Coconut: How to Survive on a Deserted Island in Chagos – Patrick Childress Sailing #17

there’s Brick House and our friends on a catamaran we’re in Chagos gets a high tide right now and the tide is going out it won’t be long before there’s a very wide white sandy beach here beautiful area Rebecca and I were in Papeete Tahiti on a tour and the tour guide stopped at […]

J’ASSISTE A UNE ERUPTION DE TORTUE (Documentaire animalier tourné en Australie à Heron Island)

Welcome to the great barrier reef Between december and february people from every corner of the globe flock to catch a glimpse of something incredible Out of the sand, emerges a new generation of turtles This intrepid young green turtle begins its journey towards the sea by pure instinct An instinct which has motivated generations […]

JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL 2 Music #1 Best BOSSA NOVA Smooth Soft Slow Cool Lounge Beach Playlist Study Songs

JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL 2 Music #1 Best BOSSA NOVA Smooth Soft Slow Cool Lounge Beach Playlist Study Songs

Tiny Stuck in Lonely Island – Tiny Day Stop Motion Animation Cartoons

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Leo’s Story (RORC/ TALLY HO EP48-Pt2)

So that was the condition I found Tally Ho in with this cover over her but before we get into that I’m gonna go a little bit into my past and how I ended up taking on this boat, ‘cos probably a lot of the other stuff about the project and about Tally Ho you […]

Hot Latin Salsa Jazz Dance Music World Musica Tropical Caribbean Cuban Songs Video waves crashing

Hot Latin Salsa Jazz Dance Music + Big Crashing Waves from Hurricane Flooding LA Beach shot on iPhone

SEDNA Official Trailer (2014)

say something please you’ve been acting weird for two days remove the vests, i take care of skis this part is very icy as well you can take this way and go straight down or try to reach the summit maybe you should put a life jacket

Welcome to Tropica Island Resort on beautiful Malolo Island in Fiji

Welcome to Tropica Island Resort, Fiji

【Moreton Island摩顿岛】 |海豚岛的Resort房间大揭秘~ Part 1

Hello everyone! We are going to the Moreton island this time! At the jetty, we got the check-in file and promotional materials, as well as the baggage check-in card. So we can just wait for the baggage to be handed over to the crew! There are too many people today, because the ferry is full, […]

Nanook – “Nanook”

Tune in on the trail of the polar bear Listen to the cracking ice It’s track, it’s path disappearing Nanook Nanook has strayed See the powerful Nanook The beautiful and ever-changing ice fends off, summons and is often missed See the powerful Nanook See the powerful Nanook Now I realise how powerful the Greenlandic people […]