Volcano Erupts On New Zealand’s White Island; At Least 5 Killed | TODAY

Volcanic eruption kills 5 people, injures more than 30 on New Zealand’s White Island

Monday’s deadly volcano eruption in New Zealand has killed at least five people and left dozens of others injured or missing the whitehat island volcano erupted at around 2 p.m. local time around 50 kilometers from the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island the police say they do not expect to find more survivors […]

Shooting at Pensacola Naval base leaves gunman, three others dead

[Weather] Cold wave alerts to be issued in central and Jeolla-buk-do Province tonight…

the air quality is getting better and we’re expecting good to normal levels tomorrow certainly is a relief let’s turn to our NASA Lisa for more at the Weather Center Natalie yes fine dust alerts were issued around the capital among other places today but the cold wind is blowing away the fine dust and […]

Is Fake Meat Better For You?

Boss Hogg on a Tuesday night come on in I say again Boss Hogg on a beautiful Tuesday night happy Thanksgiving are you ready for the holiday oh I love the holidays each and every one I celebrate great childhood you’ve heard me say that before at some point I may you know start a […]