Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

Iceland: the land of majestic waterfalls, black sands, sparkling glaciers, and… maybe one of the world’s wildest solutions for solving climate change? Nestled beside the majestic hills of southwestern Iceland, are a series of huge pods capable of taking CO2 that’s been snatched from the air and injecting it into underground stones, where the gas […]

[Weather] ‘Bad’ levels of fine dust while Jeju has rain in store for Christmas day

ultrafine dust level soared on Tuesday forcing many people to wear masks if you all wanted a don’t fit it away just yet as you might need it tomorrow on Christmas Day especially if you’re in congedo province Sejong the chungcheong-do provinces holo-book the province Tagore Council book tour where fine dust is expected to […]

[Weather] Rain across the nation on Tuesday and Wednesday lows set to plunge to below freezing

we’ll need to get our umbrellas ready as rain is in the forecast for tonight in central areas and the whole nation starting early tomorrow morning in western areas then expanding to the rest of the country around 30 millimeters of rain is expected in chungcheongnam-do and helada provinces as well as the south coast […]

President Xi attends commissioning ceremony of first Chinese-built aircraft carrier

China’s military buildup continues at a startling pace the country on tuesday commissioned its first-ever domestically built aircraft carrier now watchers say Beijing’s move is sure to challenge American dominance in the Pacific making matters even more concerning for Washington a third and even bigger carrier is already under construction near Shanghai Ethan Jiang reports […]

Mike Thalassitis D3ad Love Islands Jonny Mitchell recalls death threats Metro News

Mike Thalassitis D3ad Love Islands Jonny Mitchell recalls death threats Metro News 135.6m shares star Jonny Mitchell has become the latest celebrity to slam the ITV series for a reported lack of aftercare, recalling how he received death threats from trolls. Jonnys former co star, with police later confirming the cause of death as suicide. […]

Dangerous Recovery Mission Underway After New Zealand Volcano Eruption | NBC Nightly News

Chilean Air Force Plane Disappears With 38 People On Board | NBC Nightly News

[Weather] Rain along east coast and lows drop further on Thursday

tonight the east coast of Kong song book tour events will see light rainfall late into the night while uh London took toll islands will see the same amount of rain through tomorrow morning and wet roads with freezing temperatures are a dangerous combination that can result in slippery ice on the roads especially on […]