Otto pinngortitarsuarlu | Short comedic dokumentary

Hello everyone! My name is Otto Otto and the Great Nature Now, as you can see we hike, up there. the weather is hot, and there alot of rocks, all beautiful. We are going to see all those objects , stones, flowers. etc. on the road. enjoy the show! Here, what you see, the flowers. […]

J’ASSISTE A UNE ERUPTION DE TORTUE (Documentaire animalier tourné en Australie à Heron Island)

Welcome to the great barrier reef Between december and february people from every corner of the globe flock to catch a glimpse of something incredible Out of the sand, emerges a new generation of turtles This intrepid young green turtle begins its journey towards the sea by pure instinct An instinct which has motivated generations […]

Heart and Mind

Imagine that it’s Monday morning and your alarm is ringing and you have to wake up. The question for you at that time is are you in the right place? Are you doing what you love? I like rainy days. I like sunny days. I like Fridays. I like Mondays. It doesn’t matter. Every day […]


What’s up everybody, it’s Marko and Alex the Vagabrothers reporting live from Porvoo Finland, We are 50 kilometers east of Helsinki, this is one of five medieval towns in Finland, and it’s the second oldest town in all of Finland, plus…it’s pretty damn cute. Thanks for that Marko fact. Yes, let’s go check it out. […]

Shetland #8: Exploring Lerwick & Scalloway | Sailing Ramsalt

After a good night sleep we registered with the authorities and went straight for a proper english breakfast. The first of many to come! We soon learned that Shetland shares little with a tropical island weather wise, but the beautiful scenary and the pleasent people makes up for it two fold Lerwick is all built […]

Nanook – “Nanook”

Tune in on the trail of the polar bear Listen to the cracking ice It’s track, it’s path disappearing Nanook Nanook has strayed See the powerful Nanook The beautiful and ever-changing ice fends off, summons and is often missed See the powerful Nanook See the powerful Nanook Now I realise how powerful the Greenlandic people […]

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#1 HAWAII BEACH Video Relaxing Wave Sounds Best Ocean Videos HD HAWAII BEACHES DVD Relaxation Sound

Mountain Cleanup – Monkey Retreat 2015 (VLOG – Part 1)

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds Spanish Romantic Guitar Relax Piano Songs Classical Instrumental

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds Spanish Romantic Guitar Relax Piano Songs Classical Instrumental + ocean water sound 1 hour playlist – FLORIDA BEACHES 2 DVD Blu-Ray

Shetland #4: Livø, a pearl in Limfjorden | Sailing Ramsalt

So, after three days of gale winds in Aalborg I was ready to continue the journey through Limfjorden All the way from Aalborg to Løgstør you have to follow red and green channel markers With head winds I could do nothing but motor and keep a close watch on the markings and the GPS I […]