Blazing Saddles (6/10) Movie CLIP – Mongo Comes to Town (1974) HD

[in high voice] good luck. Good mornin’, ma’am. Isn’t it a lovely mornin’? Up yours, nigger. What did you expect? “welcome, sonny”? “make yourself at home”? “marry my daughter”? You got to remember that These are just simple farmers. These are people of the land, The common clay of the new west. You know… Morons. […]

The Land Before Time (1/10) Movie CLIP – Littlefoot is Born (1988) HD

One herd had only a single baby,their last hope for the future.Ha, ha, ha.And they called him…Littlefoot.Here I am.Aw.Ha, ha, ha.Don’t be frightened. Come out. [Chattering] Mmm. Ha, ha, ha.All that remained ofhis herd…was his mother,grandmother, and his grandfather.He knew them by sight,by scent, and by their love.He knew they would be together always.Now, you […]

King Kong (6/10) Movie CLIP – Kong’s Rampage (2005) HD

Somebody! Somebody help me! Go! Go! Get out! Go! Go! There they are. (man) Go! (woman) Wait for me! Go back! (man #2) This way! (man #3) Help! (man #4) No!

Shaun of the Dead (2/8) Movie CLIP – Oblivious to the Zombies (2004) HD

Do you want anything from the shop? Cornetto. Nelson, have you got any papers? Nelson? I haven’t even… I owe you about 15p. Oh dear. Sorry, I haven’t got any change. I didn’t even have enough at the fucking shop. Oh dear. ‘… no official comment but religious groups are calling it Judgement Day. There’s… […]

Dawn of the Dead (10/11) Movie CLIP – I’m In (2004) HD

Somebody should say something. There’s nothing to say. I’ve been to a lot of funerals. I’ve folded the flag and given it|to a lot of wives and fathers and kids and told them how sorry I was. But that’s not what I was really feeling. In the back of my mind, |I was always saying, […]

Dawn of the Dead (7/11) Movie CLIP – Holy S***! (2004) HD

– You ok?|- (wheezing gasp) Ma’am, can I get you something?|Like a glass of water? Anal ana, come here! anyone know her name? Died without a name? Damn. You wanna use the other room? Holy shit! – (squelch)|- (grunts) Holy shit. Holy shit.

Dawn of the Dead (11/11) Movie CLIP – Two Buses From Hell (2004) HD

– Everybody in!|- what the hell happened to you guys? – Prick.|- I’ll deal with you later, motherfucker! – wait a minute! nicole!|- get in! i’ll take the gun. Ok. Ok, let’s get out of here! hold on! Oh, christ! cj, now! go! They’re trying to turn us over!|hit ’em with the saw! (cj) give […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1/8) Movie CLIP – Renunciation of God (1992) HD

My prince is dead… …all is lost without him. May God unite us in heaven. She has taken her own life. She cannot be saved. She is damned! It is God’s law! Is this my reward for protecting God’s church? Sacrilege! I renounce God! I renounce him! I shall rise from my own death… …to […]

Dawn of the Dead (6/11) Movie CLIP – A New Batch of Survivors (2004) HD

– Hey!|- through here. – I can’t see a damn thing.|- Me, either. Why is he backing up the truck? – Through here!|- hey! shit. What the fuck? – We gotta go out there.|- Throw that bullshit out of your head. That’s not part of the plan. Change of plan. I’ll open the door. No. […]

Dawn of the Dead (4/11) Movie CLIP – The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2004) HD

– ‘And how does this spread?’|- This is shit. The same thing all day. Tell me something I don’t know, asshole! – ‘we’re going off the air… ‘|- wanna hear something that sucks? ‘… and switching to|the emergency broadcasting system.’ – You know that chick at dairy queen?|- ‘I don’t know when we’ll be back.’ […]