Dawn of the Dead (4/11) Movie CLIP – The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2004) HD

– ‘And how does this spread?’|- This is shit. The same thing all day. Tell me something I don’t know, asshole! – ‘we’re going off the air… ‘|- wanna hear something that sucks? ‘… and switching to|the emergency broadcasting system.’ – You know that chick at dairy queen?|- ‘I don’t know when we’ll be back.’ […]

Dawn of the Dead (5/11) Movie CLIP – Regime Change (2004) HD

Cj! how did you get out?|Who said you could loot the stores? – What are we going to do about that truck?|- Nothing. – There’s people in it.|- How do you know they’re not fucked up? – For one thing, they’re driving a truck.|- (gunfire) Oh, and shooting guns. We might let the wrong ones […]

Jurassic Park 3 (10/10) Movie CLIP – Returning the Raptor Eggs (2001) HD

Alan Grant: They Want the Eggs Otherwise we’d be dead already. Alan Grant: Everybody get down They’re challenging us. Alan Grant: She thinks you stole the eggs. Paul Kirby: Get behind me. (Raptor Scream) Amanda Kirby: Give.. Me the eggs… (All Raptors Screaming) Erik Kirby: Do it mom… (Alan Making Raptor Sounds) Paul Kirby: No.. […]

Dawn of the Dead (1/11) Movie CLIP – Awake at Dawn (2004) HD

Vivian’s here.|Vivian, honey. Sweetie, are you ok? Oh, my god. Oh, fuck. – Call an ambulance!|- (choking shriek) Vivian! Luis, luis, luis. Let go! let go! – (banging and shrieking)|- Let go! let go! let go! I can’t get it! hold it! hold it! let go. Let go! i’m going to call for help. – […]

Dawn of the Dead (2/11) Movie CLIP – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (2004) HD

Help! get back, ana. – Get back!|- just tell me what’s going on! – I told you to get back.|- (siren wailing) ‘… emergency broadcast|here in the milwaukee area.’ ‘The following is information|for local evacuation centers. ‘If you live in waukesha county…’ help! can you help? Please! ‘… 22 robin lane. ‘If you live in […]

Swiss Army Man Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano Movie HD

What?! Hey! [Fart noise] I need you to help make it home. Ok, buddy? Ok, buddy. You’re a miracle! Or I’m just hallucinating from starvation. You’re special! I’m special! Of 7 billions people on the planet you might be lucky enough to bump into the one person you wanna spend the rest of your life […]

King Kong (5/10) Movie CLIP – Giant Bugs Attack (2005) HD

Get off! Get it off! Get off! Get it off! Kill it! Stop moving! Get it off my face! Stay still. l am standing still. Hold on. (Jack) Be careful!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1/9) Movie CLIP – The Grinch and Whovenile Delinquents (2000) HD

– I think we should go back. – What ? You’re scared of the Grinch ! – No ! – They say he lives up here in a big cave. And he only comes down when he’s hungry for the taste of… Who flesh ! Oh, Drew ! –[2nd Girl ] Guys! –[ Drew ] […]

Dawn of the Dead (8/11) Movie CLIP – Blow My Head Off (2004) HD

(laughing) holy shit. He got him. – So, who do we have next?|- Er… yeah. Burt reynolds. Tell him to get burt reynolds. – (steve) my goodness.|- Man, he’s good. It barely even looked like him. Oh, oh… er… – rosie o’donnell. Tell him rosie.|- Yeah, rosie. Nah, too easy. Give him something hard. You […]