1/28/13: White House Press Briefing

Mr. Carney: It’s a packed house. Thanks for bearing with us today. A lot going on at the White House. Before I take your questions I just wanted to note that the President and the Vice President completed a very productive meeting with law enforcement officers, chiefs of police, and sheriffs from around the country, […]

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Being Terrified in an Ice Cave & Living in LA

A Christmas Treasure Island trailer

*accordion plays* It’s a map A treasure map! It can’t be a treasure map, it’s not a treasure island Look at it – all snowy mountains and icy waterfalls And pirates! *song begins* Weigh the anchor, ease her out Sail, sail, away we go! Haul the chains in on my shout Sail, sail, away we […]

Mothertongue Knowledge | Larry T Hill | Crowdfunding Campaign

To the less tolerant folks of that great south land, this may make you happy you might think its grand, ive gone back to where I came from and I’m staying here – at least thats the plan call it my motherland voyage, reverse migration of all the things calling me back to the small […]

Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katia, Hurricane Jose Key West Florida WE ESCAPED LIVE

Where we at? Key West Mallory Square Finding a restaurant to eat because I’m starving. It is hot, huh? It’s probably 90 Whew, look… But we’re going to eat right over here. Today is her birthday and we’re here in Key West, Florida on a cloudy, kind of expecting stormy weather. It’s about 85 degrees, […]

Air Traffic Control – SNL

Kellywise – SNL