Dawn of the Dead (7/11) Movie CLIP – Holy S***! (2004) HD

– You ok?|- (wheezing gasp) Ma’am, can I get you something?|Like a glass of water? Anal ana, come here! anyone know her name? Died without a name? Damn. You wanna use the other room? Holy shit! – (squelch)|- (grunts) Holy shit. Holy shit.

Dawn of the Dead (11/11) Movie CLIP – Two Buses From Hell (2004) HD

– Everybody in!|- what the hell happened to you guys? – Prick.|- I’ll deal with you later, motherfucker! – wait a minute! nicole!|- get in! i’ll take the gun. Ok. Ok, let’s get out of here! hold on! Oh, christ! cj, now! go! They’re trying to turn us over!|hit ’em with the saw! (cj) give […]