Weekly Vlog #6 | Food and Alpacas

hello welcome to another weekly vlog it is Monday the 8th of July I have been very productive this morning I literally just sat down to quickly eat lunch before I go out again so I’ve been to gym wash my hair and everything I’ve called Oh to cancelled my contract so I don’t have […]

Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Four: Route 13 to Route 18-1 제주 올레길

Hey! Welcome to part four of our Jeju Olle Trail walk this is the final section of our journey we are heading from here, Route 13 all the way back to Jeju City where we started about 3 weeks ago If you’ve missed any of the journey so far you can check it out by […]

Chrissy Teigen and Ellen Gift the Audience A Bucket List Trip

[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome back to my Greatest Night of Giveaways. If you think I’m done stuffing your stockings, you’re wrong our next guest and I have several things in common– our stunning cheekbones and our love for John Legend. Please welcome my friend Chrissy Teigen. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Rockin’ around the Christmas tree […]

Sky Princess Ship Tour and Review in 4k

Ahoy there cruisers. Welcome aboard Princess Cruises “Sky Princess” for a full and detailed video tour in 4k Ultra HD. We’re going to take a look around the whole ship including outdoor areas, restaurants, bars and public areas. Let’s start at the top with “The Sanctuary” it’s a private adult’s only area with luxury sun […]

This is why we travel MALAYSIA – Cost For Foreigners 🇲🇾

if you asked us for one month in langkawi we can definitely tell you right away that it is a gem of Malaysia and it’s perfect place for us as a better traveler is it not overcrowd and it’s not our prizes this cause of traveling video would break down the price for you for […]

Madeira island | Drone Video

Hi guys, welcome to another video Today we will show you a viewpoint here in Madeira island We will show you a serie of viewpoints but today we are just going to show you one, “Garganta Funda” after this viewpoint we will pass in a lighthouse near here at Ponta do Pargo also very beautiful […]

ASMR 세계 10대 혐오음식이라고?! 삭힌 오리알 송화단 리얼사운드 먹방 ROTTEN DUCK EGG

It’s delicious. Wow! Why is this delicious? It tastes really good How can it taste like this? There is a reason for fermentation. Wow! Hi, everyone. The food I prepared today is rotten duck eggs. It smells bad because it’s rotten. You can eat raw, but… To get rid of the odour of disgust Porridge […]

Trad sous la pluie en Islande | Relais Vertical #108

So you’re happy ? Well It rains, the wind is crazy strong, It’s freezing… And we’re gonna go trad climbing Which I’ve never wanted to try because I’m too scared And here we go Perfect conditions You just have to hike up there It’s so frightening He says it’s damp Which doesn’t make me feel […]

Top 10 Winter Festivals in Europe | MojoTravels

Whoever said that all the fun stuff has to be reserved for summer? Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top winter festivals in Europe are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos […]

Swimming with Beautiful Girls | Like Australia | Bali Indonesia

This is Gili Trawangan island near Bali, Indonesia Today we do the snorkeling activity in the sea. they claim its a 3 hour long trip with 5 different diving spots. so todays the day we do this and we have been given snorkeling flippers, gear, mask this activity costs 100,000 IDR. I didnot negotiate much, […]