Siargao Travel Guide (Bisaya Vlog)

Whats up. Homies! So our vlog right now is is a throwback video regarding of our siargao excursion for the past 4 years and then actually the reason why im vlogging this right now is my travel buddy which is in my side we spent 5 days in siargao and 4 days rent a motor […]

Seychelles Catamaran Sailing – La Digue, Felicite, Anse La Farine, Praslin ep. 2

It has been our longtime dream to live on a sailboat and have the wind drive us to explore new places. A few months before this trip I registered for a training course and obtained a bare boat skipper license. A dream came true! We can now legally sail a boat throughout the world to […]

Dublin Ireland Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

>>ASHA: Welcome to>>RYAN: Dublin, Ireland!>>ASHA: Home to many pubs, lots of great music, and beautiful landscapes>>RYAN: Let’s go have some fun>>RYAN: Ireland is a small country but it really has a lot to offer>>ASHA: It’s so charming, and I absolutely love the people, the sights, everything about it this place is magical>>RYAN: Okay I’ve just […]

Book review Blasket Bound

oh look at that its book review day and the book just came back from the printers. Lets have a look these are to go out to all the shops in Ireland and around the world. and it was quite heavy getting them all in but there in. The is Blasket Bound. Its the amazing […]

NYC’s Silk Road: BEST Uzbek Food in New York City? Central Asian Food in NYC

So when you walk down the streets, you could smell the grilled meats the kabobs That’s one of the many delicious dishes we’re gonna show you in this video So in this video we will take you to Central Asia in New York City We’re here in Rego Park Queens which has a large Bukharan […]

Le Meilleur Burger À Queenstown ?! | Vlog Nouvelle Zélande (2020) ENG SUB

it’s not hot! we just wake up with an amazing view it’s beautiful today the programme like i said last time it’s wanaka! not a lot of things to do there but yeah wanaka and after queenstown yep it’s gonna be cool it’s gonna be really cool this morning i just found a little cross […]

ARGENTINIAN FOOD in New York: PARRILLADA, Pizza and MORE | NYC Argentinian Food Tour

Empanada has spinach potatoes oh it’s really good This episode we are gonna take you the country that we’ve never been to but we absolutely love to go That country? Argentina. So we’re here in Queens – Elmhurst Queens there’s a few spots here for Argentinian foods, Argentinian bakeries, parillada, butcher shops. So Argentinian food […]

KI Eunse’s ‘Pork Burger’! Is it a good snack for children?! [Happy Together/2018.05.24]

All three of you are really good. I’ll be happy with anything. I know. Anything will be good. Don’t you feel too pressured, Eunse? – This is heavy. / – I’m worried you’re full. – But / – Right? all food we have today is so good. – Really? / – Mine costs the most. […]

Up Helly Aa Festival | Viking Fire Festival On The Shetland Islands | Euromaxx

The Vikings are back. Or were scientists wrong all along, and Viking culture never really disappeared? It’s certainly active and lively here… But these Vikings did not raid the city of Lerwick, on the Scottish Shetland Islands. They’re celebrating Up Helly Aa. It’s a Viking carnival. The UK’s northern-most archipelago is famous for its robust […]

Weekly Vlog #6 | Food and Alpacas

hello welcome to another weekly vlog it is Monday the 8th of July I have been very productive this morning I literally just sat down to quickly eat lunch before I go out again so I’ve been to gym wash my hair and everything I’ve called Oh to cancelled my contract so I don’t have […]