How to Open A Coconut: How to Survive on a Deserted Island in Chagos – Patrick Childress Sailing #17

there’s Brick House and our friends on a catamaran we’re in Chagos gets a high tide right now and the tide is going out it won’t be long before there’s a very wide white sandy beach here beautiful area Rebecca and I were in Papeete Tahiti on a tour and the tour guide stopped at […]

深度遊印尼🇮🇩龍目島隱秘小島|Gili Nanggu|EP6

Morning Now I’m going to our boat Ready to go snorkeling .. In the southwest of Lombok 5 islands are suitable for snorkeling I will show you later Except for the three famous islands north of Lombok Around Lombok, there are 26 small islands also I’m in southwest of Lombok now Today I will snorkel […]

4-8-19 Regular Council Meeting

Hot water to the pledge now. Now just to welcome council member yappy care council member to county here solver here council member reed yeah. Councilman dilemma here. Nightmare Fuller. Neighborhood yeah. A quorum. All right. Item number one is formal presentation of the town’s comprehensive annual financial report for the year ended September 30 […]

The Jared Gimbel Story (March 2017)

Hello, everyone! My name is Jared, and today I’m going to be speaking a lot of languages Some of them I know very well, others I don’t know very well. Keep in mind that I’m not doing this for myself, but I’m doing this for you… So that you can make your polyglot visions into […]

The Maiden Voyage of a Liveaboard Sailboat Sailing to Ibiza Spain

Oh no… The crew consists of three humans. Dylan Magaster, seven-day sailing experience, Skipper. Jackson Peters, two months as a deckhand, Admiral. Tara Wear, five days sailing from Colombia to Panama, Treasurer. The Balearic Islands resting in the western part of the Mediterranean. The Plan. Sail from Barcelona Spain to Mallorca and onward to Ibiza. […]

Величие Фарерских островов. Эпилог – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 6 серия

I don’t want to speak a lot about the last 2 days of the journey. Just look at this beauty. It will speak for itself. Now I’ll break the silence to explain why Vitalik’s shorts are completely wet – I go first. – OK. Holy crap! Legs are being cramped, right? I couldn’t breathe for […]

Лучшая локация на Фарерах? Покоряем главную вершину Фарерских островов – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 1 серия

#BEZVIZ In partnership with Friendly Travel Have you ever looked at our world through the drop? It is symbolic that those were my first shots from the Faroe Islands. Because drops were our constant travel companions in the form of rain, fog, spindrift, drizzle… … or tears People believe smells preserve memories the most The […]

Plan 8. Sun and Moon rising aligned with the Giant and the Witch, Faroe Islands

Imagine a photo of the Sun rising with the Giant and the Witch, two amazing sea stacks in the Faroe Islands. Now… Imagine a photo of the Moon rising with the two rock formations. Wouldn’t be amazing? is it possible? Will it happen? Let’s figure it out! (Pop) hello for the pillars Rafael though are […]

Welcome to Tropica Island Resort on beautiful Malolo Island in Fiji

Welcome to Tropica Island Resort, Fiji

Shetland #8: Exploring Lerwick & Scalloway | Sailing Ramsalt

After a good night sleep we registered with the authorities and went straight for a proper english breakfast. The first of many to come! We soon learned that Shetland shares little with a tropical island weather wise, but the beautiful scenary and the pleasent people makes up for it two fold Lerwick is all built […]