Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu’s healing tour to Ganghwado Island Part.1[Battle Trip/2019.05.26]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hweejae, Juhaknyeon) Travel is war. Battle Trip. Hello! Our special host is Juhaknyeon of The Boyz! – Good to see you! / – Welcome. Best we The Boyz! Hello! I’m Juhaknyeon of The Boyz. I’m a big fan of the show. I’ve only watched the […]

Zápisky z Islandu | Looklin

Yesterday we came to Iceland and we did not really know what was waiting for us. It is December and nature shows its frosty power. We want to see the northern lights, some waterfalls and the wreck of the plane. We have only the most necessary things with us. Cameras, warm clothes and something to […]

Disney’s Castaway Cay Complete Overview – Disney Cruise Line (2006)

[music: tropical themeed]>>Announcer: The ultimate experience of your Disney Cruise Line vacation awaits you on the beautiful island paradise Castaway Cay. Nestled in the Bahamas, Disney’s own private island was originally discovered by three explorers who were searching for fame and fortune. What they found instead was an incredible tropical paradise where the beauty of […]

Phi Phi Island 1/3 – Krabi Province – Thailand. Kurdish Vlog ( Eng. sub.) Part 3. #vlog 14 (4K)

Lee Min Ho – Introduction of Jeju Island (Innisfree promo)

Hello! Innisfree lovers~ I am Lee Min Ho, the endorser for Innisfree Today I will introduce to you about Jeju Island, the treasure of Innisfree Jeju Island is a beautiful island, which was voted as one of the last 7 Wonders of Nature Innisfree carefully picked from this pure & beautiful island the natural ingredients, […]

A Walk to Dharmadam Island | Kannur | Kerala

Hello and welcome to a new chapter of review cocktail. We are now at Dharmadam beach in the Kannur district Kerala. Our aim is to reach the Dharmadam island which is near to Dharmadam beach. We have Renith with us. We have some new guests with us, Shyam who suggested this place, also we have […]

Great Ocean Road – This is Australia

Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostes here we come three two one… one more time please… go… go… sorry… sorry… go I don’t really sorry just kidding guys because I have like 20 different good shots you know I love these kind of pictures you know you got a Eiffel tower like that you know or […]

Volcanoes of Hawaii Island from Hilton Waikoloa Village

Visit active volcanoes on Hawaii Island from Hilton Waikoloa Village