They lost an island full of beautiful women

One of the most magical places in the United States can be found in the southeast corner of Georgia. The Okefenokee Swamp, or the “Land of the Trembling Earth” has been a place of mystery for thousands of years. Our story this week comes from the swamp’s natives, the Seminole. Jedidiah Morse mentioned the Seminole […]

The Battle At The Falkland Islands – The Death of Maximilian von Spee I THE GREAT WAR Week 20

The 50 years prior to the War had seen military medicine advance more slowly than other branches of science, and without antibiotics, gangrene was a massive killer, but only one among many. Bullets, disease, drowning, murders of civilians, and more, and as winter began and the carnage continued, scenes of the worst horror imaginable were […]

Geography Now! MICRONESIA (Federated states)

Hey everybody. Before you watch this episode, just a little disclaimer: I was stupid and I booked the wrong day at the YouTube space so we weren’t able to film in the studios. So I had to improvise and we filmed in my house. So the next two episodes are gonna have the same quality […]

How NASA Reinvented The Wheel – Shape Memory Alloys

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by the Royal Air Force and the Briggs Automotive Company, who are currently holding an engineering design competition for Young Engineers. One of the moments that will always stand out in my life is the watching the joy and excitement of the engineers at JPL celebrating […]

STATES (Bundesländer) of GERMANY EXPLAINED (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody, so as you know, we are working on the scripts for the next few country episodes, Which means this is gonna have to be a “Filler Week”! Heavily, heavily, heavily requested, This one is going to be on the states or Bundeslander of Germany. Germany is a powerhouse nation Obviously it is the […]

Tourism in Denmark – Best Tourist Attractions

Kronborg Castle (Hamlet)

The Island Invented to Scam a Rich Guy

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn complex topics simply for 20% off by being one of the first 200 to sign up at Welcome, welcome everyone and congratulations. I have some great news. I, your trusty narrator, have just come across a previously undiscovered island paradise—and for the low low price of […]

Attack of the Dead Men (Strange Stories)

Attack of Dead Men: 1915, World War I. Osoweic Fortress (Osovich) was constructed in the 19th Century by the Russian Empire; in what is now Eastern Poland. To defend its borders against Germany. In the first World War, the fortress would be heavily contested by German attackers and Russian defenders. The Germans made their first […]

American Empire

The United States is, shockingly, a bunch of states that are united. It was just 13 to start with, but as time marched on, the border marked west, bringing us to today and the 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii. They’re usually drawn in these little boxes, not to to scale because Hawaii is […]

10 Smallest Countries You Never Knew Existed

10 smallest countries you never knew existed There are more than 200 countries in the world And we’re sure you’ve heard of each of them at least one however there are territories on our planet We never knew existed they occupy a super small area and some of them are inhabited by just a couple […]