The War of Dirty Tricks: How Richard Branson Defeated British Airways

As the founder of more than 400 companies, Sir Richard Branson is without question one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of our time. And, as you’re probably aware, this knighted businessman is no virgin to the skies. Perhaps you may recall his attempt to circle the globe in a hot-air balloon. Or, one of his […]

What Sal Vulcano Was Doing Before Impractical Jokers Took Off

Sal Vulcano is one quarter of The Tenderloins, the comedy troupe at the heart of the truTV show Impractical Jokers, which has been on air since 2011. If you’ve somehow never seen it before, the series follows Vulcano and his longtime friends James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn as they compete to be the […]

The COMPLETE Game of Thrones Recap | CRAM IT

Game of Thrones is about to reach its epic conclusion but if you’re not one of those people who spent the better part of the last decade Constantly rewatching the series for clues. You need a last-second reminder to catch you up or you know Nothing, including what that references is. It’s time to cram […]

Five Winter Nichts – a poem in Shetland dialect

Cloods tae great flecks at dennertime, da wireless said- we aye blink trow da curtains, but his gritter kent best. Twa cosy bunkbeds efter biggin snaa briggistanes under a muckle grey coo aalder is wir ain folk’s folk. Waiting fir Daddy tae set by his boilersuit aside da fire becus da dug slept dere so […]

Bartolo Messina – Freiheitsdressur bei CAVALLUNA – “Legende der Wüste” | Tour 2019/2020

I’m Bartolo Messina. I do liberty dressage at CAVALLUNA. Bartolo is a highly sensitive and empathic person which is perfect for his liberty dressage. The love that he feels for his horses is shared by the audience. It is visible to everyone. Horses are a symbol of freedom for me. His role represents our connection […]

KIILERIMI MISIGISAPILUK ”haunted in the basement” short horror film

The house is was built in 1923 and Ghost in the cellar, and Old Man he lives first time in this house in 1923 and he was killed in 1925 because he was accused by his grandson and he killed his grandfather with a knife and his grandmother she door in the basement in the […]

The Monkey and the Crocodile. Learn how the monkey outsmarted the sly crocodile.

A long long time ago, the Bodhisat was reborn into the world as a monkey. He grew to be very big and strong while living on the bank of a river. In the middle of the river there was a small island abundant in fruit trees. The Bodhisat would wait for the tide to be […]

Peter Dubovský – Unforgettable Legend (English subtitles)

When the name Peter Dubovský is pronounced not only die hard fans, but all spectators imagine the face of humble, blue eyes lad who has the football as a lifelong passion. Right after the velvet revolution he became the king of the stadiums and his memorable left foot was the nightmare for the goalkeepers. Peter […]

The Land Before Time (1/10) Movie CLIP – Littlefoot is Born (1988) HD

One herd had only a single baby,their last hope for the future.Ha, ha, ha.And they called him…Littlefoot.Here I am.Aw.Ha, ha, ha.Don’t be frightened. Come out. [Chattering] Mmm. Ha, ha, ha.All that remained ofhis herd…was his mother,grandmother, and his grandfather.He knew them by sight,by scent, and by their love.He knew they would be together always.Now, you […]