62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

more and more countries are restricting entry from South Korea to deal with some cases where people have been mistreated the Korean government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front moon conn-young reports more than 60 countries are restricting the entry of people traveling from South Korea either through stronger quarantine measures or outright […]

Gifts of wounds and personality disorders traits | Fiann Paul | TEDxBend

Transcriber: Zeddi Lee Reviewer: Peter van de Ven “Life’s blade Deep cuts Many to burden and dust Some into diamonds” I wrote this haiku, and I would like it to indicate that we know a lot about the burden of the wounds that we carry and how we struggle with them. Personality disorders from a […]

S. Korean military to ban leave, travel and visits starting Saturday to contain COVID-19

the South Korean military and US forces in the country are on high alert following this series of confirmed coronavirus cases among South Korean troops they’re taking measures such as canceling leave and advising personnel to limit travel to infected areas Kim Jiyeon reports following a meeting held late Thursday by Seoul’s defense minister chungcheong-do […]

What Causes a Heart Attack?

Atherosclerosis is not only a tongue twister; it’s the leading cause of heart attacks worldwide. Understanding how this disease can lead to an attack starts with knowing how your immune system works for and against you. The good news is that thanks to medical advancements, people are living longer and surviving in the face of […]

Eating a BURGER can boost your sex life

Eating a BURGER can boost your sex life Men are eating more chicken and fish these days and ignoring red meat. As a result of trying to choose a healthier diet, some lack testosterone and suffer a reduced sex drive. Red meat found in such treats as burgers carry high levels of zinc, a key […]

Dangerous Recovery Mission Underway After New Zealand Volcano Eruption | NBC Nightly News

Chilean Air Force Plane Disappears With 38 People On Board | NBC Nightly News

Borneo Death Blow – full documentary

In the remaining jungle of Borneo, lives a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers. They’re known for their survival skills and for the deadly poison they use on their blowpipe darts the Penan My name is Raphael Treza. I’m a musician and film-maker I’m going to spend the next three months with the Penan tribe of Malaysia […]