CEERES of Interviews with Lenore Grenoble

my name is Alan singer Minh I’m rising 6th year PhD student in the Linguistics department here at the University of Chicago I’m here today with Professor Lenore Grenoble who is our department chair and one of the co-chairs on my dissertation committee and she’s a very popular instructor and researcher within the department and […]

Climate Change – Greenland (2019)

History repeats itself, they say. It’s been a year now since the last time I was here since I walked these streets and climbed these mountains. Back then I was in the midst of filming a shortfilm about climate change here in southern Greenland. Flying over the great island this time it stuck me how […]


Right now the time is 12:05 AM Today we’re going to show what have been doing in Hiroshima We’ll have to wait for the coffee… 2 day ago Before we went to Hiroshima We saw a movie called Barefoot Gen It happens in Hiroshima, but with fictional characters During the time when the A-bomb was […]

Indian in Greenland School – Teaching 10th Graders about INDIA 

They are not thinking like who’s this guy… BIFF! BAM! POW! Oh! Tingningningnin… sat sri akal ji! So another day and I haven’t introduced you yet to my host. meet my host Abby Hello Abby! *Hello* hehehe.. what are you doing? Nice shoes And… today I am going to school. and I am going to […]

Lao 30-Day Challenge Complete Collection (November 2017)

DAY 1: Hello, my name is Jared, pleased to meet you, occupation, hobby, thanks, bye DAY 2: Languages I speak a little bit of, Languages I speak fluently, thanks, farewell DAY 3: What is your favorite national cuisine? What is your favorite word in the language you are learning? What sort of feelings do you […]

The Jared Gimbel Story (March 2017)

Hello, everyone! My name is Jared, and today I’m going to be speaking a lot of languages Some of them I know very well, others I don’t know very well. Keep in mind that I’m not doing this for myself, but I’m doing this for you… So that you can make your polyglot visions into […]

10 Amazing Reasons To Visit Greenland

Greenland the country where the northernmost point of the world is is an often-overlooked country But despite its relatively small population Greenland is bursting with a lot of goodies that make it a destination that’s gotta be on every travelers bucket list How’s going guys? Leroy Kenton here and welcome back to FTD facts. And […]

SECOND Greenlandic 30-Day Challenge Complete Collection (February 2018)

It is time for me to learn Greenlandic again! I already was in Greenland once. But I want to listen to the news and listen to songs while understanding everything. Therefore I’m here. Pleased to meet you! I teach languages. Today alone I had plans to teach Yiddish, Finnish, Swedish, and Hebrew. It is fun! […]

NASA’s OMG: Where the Water Meets the Ice

♪ [OMG: Oceans Melting Greenland] [Josh Willis] There’s enough ice here in Greenland to raise sea levels by 25 feet, all the way around the world. It’s an incredible amount of ice, and it’s melting and adding to sea level rise. For Oceans Melting Greenland, what we really want to do is measure the oceans, […]