Greenland (dog) Canis lupus familiaris

Greenland (dog) Canis lupus familiaris

Inspector Montalbano | Celebrate Christmas | Kalaallit Nunaat | Air Greenland Special

Welcome to Greenland Qujanarujussuaq, Kalaallit Nunaat Thanks a million, lovely Greenland The snow storm passed, Nittaalaq alikkarpoq, wind blows in gusts qerneraa- across the sea. -suavoq A (blue) fox conjures the wind qernertaq qernarpoq Uummannaq anersaarpoq, A heart-shaped mountain draws breath Angut silatooq A sensible man katsorpoq. has peace and calm within himself Nittaalaq alikkarpoq. […]

Skiing in Greenland – A Billionaire Sport

Do you want to have lunch up in the mountains? Oh, yeah can be up here. Yeah,. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah,. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Minus six. It’s the off piste skiing experience many people dream of. At the end of the day, after a dozen runs, the group thinks about returning. Four minutes […]

Ice Cores & The Geologic Column

As any pilot can tell you, flying a plane during a storm is incredibly dangerous. This was the case in November 1942 for Lieutenant Pritchard, the pilot, and Petty Officer Bottoms, the radio operator. Pritchard had to make a crash landing in Greenland. The plane in question was a single-engine amphibious Grumman Duck. Seventy years […]