Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

Iceland: the land of majestic waterfalls, black sands, sparkling glaciers, and… maybe one of the world’s wildest solutions for solving climate change? Nestled beside the majestic hills of southwestern Iceland, are a series of huge pods capable of taking CO2 that’s been snatched from the air and injecting it into underground stones, where the gas […]

ScienceCasts: Greenland’s Thinning Ice

[ MUSIC ] Greenland’s Thinning Ice – presented by [email protected] With temperatures around the world climbing, melt waters from the continental ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are raising sea levels. Those ice sheets are melting from both above and below. Much of the ice lost from ice sheets comes from a process called calving […]

Beneath the Ice

We study ice because it traps little samples of the ancient atmosphere and we’ve only been studying the modern atmosphere really since the 1950s. Ice can go back almost a million years and so it gives us a long-term view of the atmosphere of history. One of the major research sites that we’ve been working […]

Ice Ages & Climate Cycles

As we try to unravel Earths history we look for signs in the landscape that provide indications of former episodes of extreme climates. In North America we recognize evidence of a recent ice age and wonder if it has ended or if we are just in a brief warm interlude before another cold interval. We […]

NASA’s OMG: Where the Water Meets the Ice

♪ [OMG: Oceans Melting Greenland] [Josh Willis] There’s enough ice here in Greenland to raise sea levels by 25 feet, all the way around the world. It’s an incredible amount of ice, and it’s melting and adding to sea level rise. For Oceans Melting Greenland, what we really want to do is measure the oceans, […]

Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier Reacts to Changing Ocean Temperatures

Generally speaking, as the climate warms, ice around the planet melts. But how fast it melts and where it melts is complicated by factors like how the climate’s changing and local weather patterns. Here at NASA, we use satellites, airplanes and research ships to take a closer look at the regional causes of melting and […]

Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate. How much will sea levels rise?

JUDY WOODRUFF: We continue now with our series from Antarctica. The ice-covered continent is being transformed in part by climate change. Antarctica’s ice, which contains the vast majority of freshwater on Earth, is melting at an accelerating rate. William Brangham and producers Mike Fritz and Emily Carpeaux traveled there and have this report on how […]

Tourism in the Faroe Islands & Greenland