Weekly Vlog #6 | Food and Alpacas

hello welcome to another weekly vlog it is Monday the 8th of July I have been very productive this morning I literally just sat down to quickly eat lunch before I go out again so I’ve been to gym wash my hair and everything I’ve called Oh to cancelled my contract so I don’t have […]

Absinthe & Chili Dogs in the Motor City: Chef’s Night Out with Guns & Butter

Chinese Girl Tries In-N-Out Burger For The First Time

To me if I have to compare with a personality This is a really nice lady and really gentle in five guys probably it’s a construction worker but they’re manly they’re hardcore, and they’re just Lousy six here with another video And I’m here at in-n-out burger and the reason being is you guys in […]

Hovězí guláš (Czech Beef Goulash) – In Czech and English

HI, I’m Chef Rafi! Welcome to my Show! We will film this video in Czech and English. Hey! I’ll teach you how to cook some food from the Czech Republic! Today we’ll be cooking a dish from the Czech Republic. This Bohemian Dish is called Beef Goulash This is a very famous dish in Bohemia. […]

Pure Magic Achill Island

长沙Day 2 – 橘子洲|金记糖油佗佗 | Changsha Day2 – Juzizhou Park | Hunan style donuts [Eng sub]

We just got the spicy numbing beef rice noodles I also added an extra egg with minced pork “patty with egg” OK, patty with egg same thing let’s try it spicy numbing beef first hard to chew the beef is dry texture is like beef jerky texture is so hard The spicy and numbing taste […]

Going to Burger King and asking for a BigMac!!!

Cocktail and Appetizer Recipe How To: Drums of Ku! Brand New Cocktail From Trader Vic’s!

Hello and welcome to the Velveteen Lounge Kitchen! I’m so glad you could join us today because we’re coming to you from the fabulous Trader Vic’s in Emeryville California! Since 1937, when Victor Bergeron rechristened his Oakland saloon Hinky Dinks as Trader Vic’s, the Trader Vic’s brand has represented wonderful food and drink as well […]

The Most DANGEROUS FOODS In The World!

Who can resist a delectable plate of food? And while most of us like to be adventurous in our food choices from time to time, some take it too far. Here is a list of food that people eat around the world which can be harmful, and in some cases even fatal. 10 Pufferfish – […]