KLM Intern On A Mission – Lounging with Valentina

Hi, I’m Valentina, the new Intern-on-a-Mission, and today I’ll be learning all about the fully renovated… …Non-Schengen KLM Crown Lounge. Imagine you’ve just touched down from South-Korea… …and your next flight only leaves in 17.5 hours… How do you pass the time? Exactly, you head over to the lounge. Welcome in KLM’s Non-Schengen Crown Lounge. […]

Helicopter trip in the Faroe Islands

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FIRST Fiji Airways A350-900 Business Class Trip Report – Nadi to Sydney (+ economy + flight deck)

hello my name is Paul Stewart and I’m in Nadi, which is the main International Airport in Fiji, and later this morning I’m flying back to Sydney with Fiji Airlines in business class in their brand-new Airbus A350 which is pretty exciting. in fact everyone’s quite excited about it! So far I’ve had about three […]

Flying to Block Island & landing w/ Devesh – Student Pilot

where are we going block Island woohoo [music] Brookhaven Traffic. Cessna departing runway 24 Airspeed is alive. Engine instruments are in the green. Good job and get that shimmy out of there. Brookhaven Traffic. Cessna is upwind runway 24 Hello Youtube. Hi Youtube We are here with Devesh and doing our first cross country Devesh […]

An Aerial Video of the Maldives from Maldivian Air Taxi

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KLM Documentary – At home in the world / Thuis In de Wereld – Full length

KLM has flown us around the world for a hundred years. KLM connects us, makes the world accessible… and increases our capabilities. We accompany entrepreneurs, dreamers and pioneers on their journey. Passengers and KLM employees, who want to achieve their goals… with the ambition and determination that have made KLM great. Like Nadine, who likes […]

The Five Freedoms of Aviation

Behind any commercial flight is more than a century of political negotiation and accords that dictate who, how, and where airlines can fly. Aviation is one of the most unifying industries worldwide because it is what brings the world together. The beginning of aviation agreements came with the 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation. […]

Pete Davidson: SMD – Growing Up in Staten Island & Flying Cape Air

You know how you know someone’s from Staten Island? [laughter] They let you know that they’re from Staten Island. If you don’t know what Staten Island is, it’s like New York’s abortion that lived. [laughter] It’s a shitty place. Nah, there’s good people everywhere but, like, not in Staten Island at all. Yeah, like, everybody […]