Bye Bye Blue Bird (1999)

I don’t suppose we could have the penthouse, madame? Did you do the decorating yourselves? Welcome to the Faroe Islands. We wish you a pleasant stay. Rooms are only 300 Dkr per night. A quick drink? We’re here to have some fun We could put our pictures in the papers. No, it’s better to show […]

Bjarni Mikkelsen, Master Of Arts in Resource Biology

Is NAMMCO older that IWC? No. Kjartan Hoydal was often in the commissions in IWC. IWC was founded just after WWII In 46, I think, or 48. And it was the whaling countries that, because they had hunted a lot during the war, wanted to organize and co-ordinate. It was very reasonable to talk about […]

Die Färöer (Inseln) erklärt!

Die Färöer oder auch Färöer-Inseln genannt übersetzt „die Schafsinseln“, sind eine zu Dänemark gehörende Gruppe aus 18 Inseln mit autonomer Selbstverwaltung. Sie liegen im Nordatlantik zwischen den Britischen Inseln, Norwegen und Island. Entdeckt und besiedelt wurden sie im Mittelalter. Heute sind mit Ausnahme der kleinsten, alle permanent bewohnt. Doch was hat es mit den Färöer […]

YouTube & EU intellectual property rights

Hello everybody. This place is Eystnes, it’s the southernmost part of the island that is called Eysturoy, literally East Island, not Easter Island, mind you, no stone heads, only metal heads here. I’m looking across at Tórshavn, you can see there. It’s about 5 kilometers over there, it’s about… so driving at 80 kilometers an […]

Gates Of Hel – 2nd solo

[Music] hey guys this is here on Twitter in this video I’ll show you my second solo from the upcoming mature album to be released at the start of 2019 on Metal Blade Records as I said in the last video the first song on the album is called gates of hell and we’re still […]

Fire And Flame – 1st solo

Hey guys, this is Heri from Týr In this video I want to show you my first of two solos from the song Fire And Flame, which is the first single from our album HEL, the released date is March 8th, 2019, on Metal Blade Records. I’ll put the order link in the description below. […]


Hello, everybody. I’m back here on YouTube, and I’ve sort of gone off the beaten track, I suppose you can call it. I’m among the highest mountains in the Faroes, you can see here in the background. I had a plan to go up there, but I’m afraid it might be suicidal in this weather. […]

A Million Lives

There is this funny saying, if you spell it, ‘Earth without Art is just eh’. And it’s just very real because without art it’s just dull. I don’t think that life in itself is dull. But I think that one life is not enough. I would like to experience hundreds and thousands of things. The […]

Grind II

I am Heri Joensen from the Faroese metal band Týr. This is the second video on the continuing story of the boycott against my band for my participation in whaling. Some shows have been cancelled. Most shows though are still on, and we are trying to reason with the promoters and we’re trying to replace […]

Skálabotnur & Winter Olympic runes

Hello. This is Heri, back on YouTube with another update and landscape video. This is the bottom of the Skálafjørðurin, the beach and the village that I believe the locals call it Skálafjørður village as well but, we only call it Skálabotnur, not sure which is correct. Anyway, what happened lately is I’ve been working […]