Величие Фарерских островов. Эпилог – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 6 серия

I don’t want to speak a lot about the last 2 days of the journey. Just look at this beauty. It will speak for itself. Now I’ll break the silence to explain why Vitalik’s shorts are completely wet – I go first. – OK. Holy crap! Legs are being cramped, right? I couldn’t breathe for […]

Лучшая локация на Фарерах? Покоряем главную вершину Фарерских островов – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 1 серия

#BEZVIZ In partnership with Friendly Travel Have you ever looked at our world through the drop? It is symbolic that those were my first shots from the Faroe Islands. Because drops were our constant travel companions in the form of rain, fog, spindrift, drizzle… … or tears People believe smells preserve memories the most The […]

Plan 8. Sun and Moon rising aligned with the Giant and the Witch, Faroe Islands

Imagine a photo of the Sun rising with the Giant and the Witch, two amazing sea stacks in the Faroe Islands. Now… Imagine a photo of the Moon rising with the two rock formations. Wouldn’t be amazing? is it possible? Will it happen? Let’s figure it out! (Pop) hello for the pillars Rafael though are […]

Muhteşem Faroe Adaları (Kuzey Kutup Dairesi)

Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean in the middle of 18 islands. Islands of Scotland, Iceland, Norway Denmark is a self-governing island region. Although politically more even if they target high independence population of islands approx 50,000 and have their own languages ​​and cultures. When visiting Faroes, you are never more than 5 km […]

Les “Grind” – ou comment tradition est synonyme de meurtre

Hello everyone and welcome to Sea And Human. Today we are going to talk about a very sensitive subject although still valid today. The question we are going to try to answer is, under cover of tradition, can we tolerate all the wildest and most barbaric rites… If I tell you that 1500km from Paris, […]

Isole Fær Øer – Vagar [DOCU-VLOG]

FAROE ISLANDS Hi everybody! Welcome back to our channel Today we are here in Copenaghen waiting for the next fly for the Faroe Islands We will split our travel video in two-three parts about the single islands we are going to see And now… ? What’s next? Let’s wait and then let’s go ! We […]

FAROE ISLANDS on a Mountain Bike | MISSION EP.6 | Kilian BRON

Island Of Plenty – Faroe Island

The men are on their way home. And dinner is not ready. (Are you going to get into trouble?) You are! My parents always told me that it was important that we did what we want to do. We are here because we have chosen to be here. If you choose a life like this, […]