Faroe Islands – RoadTrip to Tórshavn

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Helicopter trip in the Faroe Islands

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Величие Фарерских островов. Эпилог – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 6 серия

I don’t want to speak a lot about the last 2 days of the journey. Just look at this beauty. It will speak for itself. Now I’ll break the silence to explain why Vitalik’s shorts are completely wet – I go first. – OK. Holy crap! Legs are being cramped, right? I couldn’t breathe for […]

Prediction for the match football Norway – Faroe Islands, November 15

Prediction for the match football Norway – Faroe Islands, November 15 in our video Euro, Norway – Faroe Islands, November 15 prediction for the match Norway greatly crippled their chances of an exit. Faroe practically do not score. We predict that the guests will not break the goalkeeper of the hosts. Forecast: Individual Total Under […]

Фарерские острова – #БЕЗВИЗ – 4 сезон | Трейлер

#BEZVIZ In partnership with Friendly Travel Our itinerary of the Faroe Islands Music: Pernatiz – Камень (Stone)

Лучшая локация на Фарерах? Покоряем главную вершину Фарерских островов – #БЕЗВИЗ Фареры – 1 серия

#BEZVIZ In partnership with Friendly Travel Have you ever looked at our world through the drop? It is symbolic that those were my first shots from the Faroe Islands. Because drops were our constant travel companions in the form of rain, fog, spindrift, drizzle… … or tears People believe smells preserve memories the most The […]

Muhteşem Faroe Adaları (Kuzey Kutup Dairesi)

Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean in the middle of 18 islands. Islands of Scotland, Iceland, Norway Denmark is a self-governing island region. Although politically more even if they target high independence population of islands approx 50,000 and have their own languages ​​and cultures. When visiting Faroes, you are never more than 5 km […]