The Simpsons Arrive In Paradise | Season 31 Ep. 7 | THE SIMPSONS


All old people say, ‘Old age is not for sissies.’ And I’m a bit of a sissy, so I don’t want to be tested really. If we go and visit friends, all the grown ups go and sit in the lounge and I like to hang around with the children. I find them more interesting. […]

Living With Your Family | Shetland Life

As a once professional, 20- something single female living in Shetland. I live with eh, well it’s myself, my mam, my dad, my sister, her husband, and a baby. It’s cosy Today I have a free day so I finally have a chance to do some stand up comedy- Marjolein I need you to do […]


They love each other, … to be happy is enough. Enough is enough. You are lying to them as well As if I don’t want any wedding celebrations. When he’s gone… what shall we do? Please brother. Please take that off. Everyone will feel better when they bring his dead body. Forgive Me Screenplay & […]

A Christmas Treasure Island trailer

*accordion plays* It’s a map A treasure map! It can’t be a treasure map, it’s not a treasure island Look at it – all snowy mountains and icy waterfalls And pirates! *song begins* Weigh the anchor, ease her out Sail, sail, away we go! Haul the chains in on my shout Sail, sail, away we […]

Tinder And Norwegians | Shetland Life

There are guys on Tinder, like new guys. There is fresh meat on Tinder in Shetland. And they’re beautiful. They’re handsome and tall, well they say they’re tall. They’re Norwegians, And they’re 15 km away. Yes. Yes. Now they’re 10 km away. These guys are 5 km away this is amazing. Wuoooooay! I got a […]

From Shetland To New Zealand | Shetland Life

So this is me in Shetland amongst the beer and family and sheep But I’m actually headed off right now to New Zealand The furthest I could possibly be! So here I am in Tuapeka West New Zealand the furthest I could possibly be from home and it’s eh it’s lovely There’s sheep beer and […]

Gossip | Shetland Life

Like in any small community, stories in Shetland spread like wildfire and grow arms and legs. Watch this. Ragnar… I heard that on Friday night Sara O Da Roadside was speaking to Gibby in the bar. Is dat right? Oh… I’ve heard that Sarah and Gibby have been secretly seeing each other for three months. […]

BIGFOOT Caught On DRONE In Real Life (Sasquatch Evidence)

I don’t know what that is dude like it could be a person but what there would have been like oh hey guys as I was moving back and forth we were almost out of battery with about three minutes of flight time left and that’s when I saw this but yeah I got some […]