Box Fort Zombies Vs AC130 GUNSHIP Airplane! Nerf War Z Challenge ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Jake zombie 25 hi guys so if you’re just tuning in we are currently inside our house and there are 25 bandits in here not to mention about a hundred zombies outside we’ve just learned that trader Joe was actually working with the bandits and that’s where he gets all the items to trade us […]

The Untold Truth About the Escape From Alcatraz

36 men have tried and 33 have failed. What happened to the 3 men who made it the farthest? Here’s the untold truth about the Alcatraz escape! 9 – Background on Alcatraz The Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was a maximum-security federal prison on Alcatraz Island, around one and a quarter miles off the coast of San […]

24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ“ฆ Zombie Trap!

previously on Papaji alright guys what’s going on right now I just drew on the blog and camera because something is happening something is going down right now versus the emergency alert then this package something’s not right you don’t think the Baron could be up to something to you trying to go yeah this […]


and why in his last videos what do you mean talking someone on the phone looking I think you’re the game master tell me right now imagine the game master now Jake I think you promised you i pinky promise you will give what is going on tell me what does that mean I know […]

EXIT – Dead Man on the Orient Express

Danger lurks on the Orient express. There has been a murder, and the perpetrator of this crime remains on board! Do YOU have what it takes to gather clues, decode puzzles, and solve this grisly crime before its too late? In Exit the Game – Dead Man on the Orient Express From Thames and Kosmos

New SKULL ISLAND Ant Farm for Ghost Ants | Halloween Special Pt. 2

But suddenly, I came across something that I wasn’t particularly thankful for… Later that day, I spotted this. Oh no! The Dark Knights! Last week, as I was busy facing my fear of the formidable maggots which decided to join the feeding frenzy in the Selva de Fuego, Amazonian kingdom of my Fire Ants, something […]

What Japanese Prison Food is Like โ˜… ONLY in JAPAN

Only in Japan Welcome to the “Abashiri Keimusho, Abashiri prison” . This one has since been retired and has been turned into a museum the new prison a couple of kilometers away But what is great about this is. It gives you an inside glimpse into everyday life at a Japanese prison Abashiri is in […]

Escape The HALLOWEEN Haunted House Challenge! BOX FORT High School (Roleplay)

quiet down quiet down class welcome back to a new day of school today is a very special day because it’s my favorite holiday Halloween I am quite a fan of it so today I thought we would talk about Halloween dude Halloween safety come on I know how to trick-or-treat this is my first […]

The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

– [Ryan] This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the thrilling escape from the famed Alcatraz Prison. The inmates who pulled this off did so by executing an ingenious and daring plan. And who doesn’t love a good prison break, right? – I do. Will there be tunnels? – You could say there was a […]

What Was It Like to be Jailed at Alcatraz?

A secure lump of steel and concrete sat on an island surrounded by unforgiving currents. Home to as many as 300 convicted felons, Alcatraz was coined the highest security prison in America. Day to day, Alcatraz was also the most expensive prison, state or federal, to operate in the nation. The dark hostile image of […]