Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond

I think all of us have been interested, at one time or another, in the romantic mysteries of all those societies that collapsed, such as the classic Maya in the Yucatan, the Easter Islanders, the Anasazi, Fertile Crescent society, Angor Wat, Great Zimbabwe and so on. And within the last decade or two, archaeologists have […]

How dead is the Great Barrier Reef?

This is an article published by the Guardian back in 2014 ― It’s an obituary for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Two years later, Outside magazine published this ― it’s… another obituary for the reef. And more recently, we got this news: BBC News: And also this hour, the Great Barrier Reef is at a terminal […]

What’s hidden under the Greenland ice sheet? | Kristin Poinar

When was I was 21 years old, I had all this physics homework. Physics homework requires taking breaks, and Wikipedia was relatively new, so I took a lot of breaks there. I kept going back to the same articles, reading them again and again, on glaciers, Antarctica and Greenland. How cool would it be to […]

Japan’s Town With No Waste

– [Narrator] The village of Kamikatsu is special. Not for its tea fields or idyllic mountains or peaceful historic homes. It’s known for something it doesn’t have. Kamikatsu, as a town, produces almost no trash. Kamikatsu has a population of roughly 1,500 people and in the 1990s was doing nearly no recycling. (foreign language) Burning […]

A Way of Life: Free and Real (Full Documentary)

We have to respect nature, and we have to consider nature, we cannot be above it or outside of nature, We are part of it! I am not against anything, I am not trying to destroy anything, I want to make a new environment that will make the previous environment obsolete. it’s one thing to […]

Welcome to Miami – Yacht Charter Maven of 1800yachtcharters Cleans Up

Hi, I’m Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters. Welcome to my backyard. Beautiful Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. Even though we arrange private yacht charter vacations around the world, we receive a lot of calls for Florida yacht charter vacations, and it’s so easy to see why – blue skies, beautiful ocean, and perfect […]

Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic (Part 2/3)

JAKE BURGHART: Starting to have a bit of a breakdown. Let’s see. I’m going to take this tape out, put it in my pocket after I shoot it, and– I don’t even know why I’m shooting it right now. It’s sort of a– I just kind of really need someone to talk to. I don’t […]

Inside the Frame with Jenny Lonsdale – Faroe Islands Investigation 1985

When we went to the Faroe Islands in 1985 we were really hoping we might be able to document a pilot whale hunt. At that time it was the biggest whale hunt in the world and nobody was talking about it. I could see the whales in the distance and all the boats that were […]

Russia’s Geography Problem

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Backblaze and in collaboration with Alternate History Hub and Real Life Lore. Russia is immense–it spans 5,000 miles across, 2,000 miles vertically12, crosses 11 time zones3, borders everywhere from Norway to North Korea4, and is as close to Anchorage as it is to Amsterdam5. It’s huge… […]

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere | Jennifer Wilcox

Four hundred parts per million: that’s the approximate concentration of CO2 in the air today. What does this even mean? For every 400 molecules of carbon dioxide, we have another million molecules of oxygen and nitrogen. In this room today, there are about 1,800 of us. Imagine just one of us was wearing a green […]