Why Did Microsoft Put a Data Center Underwater?

“Cloud computing” has been a buzzword for a few years now, it’s the term for when software, data storage, and processing is handled remotely in a server somewhere rather than on the local device you’re on. Despite its lofty name though, it doesn’t take place up in some mystical cloud, but rather inside a mundane […]

Geography GO! GREENLAND! (Geography now)


Hey geograpeeps! So I wanna give you a little, quick update. The National Tourismboard of Greenland saw my top ten travel destination video and, um, they liked it, and we got in contact, and they want to send me to Greenland. So I’m gonna be leaving soon and I’m so excited, you guys know this […]

Homework Hotline Zoophily: Shetland Sheep

The scientific name of the Shetland Sheep is Ovis Aries There are different types of sheep, they’re actually over 200 different types of sheep. What makes sheep different is primarily what they’re bred for. Sheep are domesticated so it basically depends what the different breeds people want them for, they’re use for it dairy, they’re […]

What Happens When an Island Completely Disappears?

In October 2018, the Pacific Ocean brewed one of most intense hurricanes ever recorded, AND it hit one of the most remote places in the world. With so much force, it eliminated an entire island overnight. But this isn’t the first time an island has vanished. It’s part of a trend, so what’s behind it? […]

Town Crier vs the Internet – Arts2090 Final Assessment

Oyez Oyez Oyez, 8 o’clock Last night in the neighbouring town, Birkenhead, a wild snake found its way into the town and ATE A LIVE MAN! The whereabouts of the snake is unknown but it is said to be coming in the direction of our town. I advise each and everyone of you to stay […]

Why Do Plane Wings Tilt Upwards?

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Curiosity Steam. Sign up today and get free access to my new Logistics of D-Day series on watchnebula.com. Plane wings come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. We have explored how the aft swept wings of a traditional airliner and the forward […]

Ferrari vs Lamborghini – How Do They Compare and Which Is Better? (Automotive / Car Comparison)

this episode is brought to u by skill share the first thousand people to signup will get 2 months free thousand people to signup using the link in the description will get their first two months free Ferrai’s and Lamborgini’s are some of the most famous luxury cars in the world while the history of […]

Master of Business Administration at USM

I wanted to get an MBA originally because I was kind of a mid-level, lower level, entry level kind of person in the nonprofit sector. Which in Maine is very competitive. and so I wanted that leg up over all of the competition and also wanted that authentic management foundation that I could apply to […]