Hurricane Walaka Erases Entire Hawaiian Island | SciShow News

[ ♪ Intro ] Unlike much of the rest of Hawaii, East Island in French Frigate Shoals isn’t much of a tourist hotspot. Even locals weren’t super familiar with this small, 4.5-hectare strip of sand 890 kilometres north-west of Honolulu. That is, until it disappeared overnight. The island was almost completely submerged underwater when Hurricane […]

Could Injecting Carbon Into the Earth Save Our Planet?

Iceland: the land of majestic waterfalls, black sands, sparkling glaciers, and… maybe one of the world’s wildest solutions for solving climate change? Nestled beside the majestic hills of southwestern Iceland, are a series of huge pods capable of taking CO2 that’s been snatched from the air and injecting it into underground stones, where the gas […]

Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates go on a Zany Adventure on “Z” Island

(light music) – Ahoy there, shipmates. It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today, we’re going to be exploring a new island and learning all about things that start with the letter Z. Keep a lookout for zebra, zinnias, zebrafish, zebu and zeppelin. Good thing we have a zest for adventure. Ooh, woo! Time to start the show. […]

Crazy-Cool Adventure on “C” Island | Captain Seasalt And The ABC Pirates | Educational Cartoon

– [Captain Seasalt] Ahoy there, shipmates! It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today, we’re going to be exploring a new island, and learning all about things that start with the letter C. Keep a look-out for castle, crab, coral reef, clownfish, clams, cowfish, camels, and cave. That’s quite a checklist of things that start with C, to […]

Using Data to Inform Instruction: Building the Capacity of Educators

CLAIRE: Good morning, everyone. And we’re so happy to have everyone joining us from across the country, and we are going to get started today with today’s goals. And the goals for today’s presentation are to understand what is needed to use data effectively and responsibly and to understand the components of creating a culture. […]

Why Did Microsoft Put a Data Center Underwater?

“Cloud computing” has been a buzzword for a few years now, it’s the term for when software, data storage, and processing is handled remotely in a server somewhere rather than on the local device you’re on. Despite its lofty name though, it doesn’t take place up in some mystical cloud, but rather inside a mundane […]

Geography GO! GREENLAND! (Geography now)


Hey geograpeeps! So I wanna give you a little, quick update. The National Tourismboard of Greenland saw my top ten travel destination video and, um, they liked it, and we got in contact, and they want to send me to Greenland. So I’m gonna be leaving soon and I’m so excited, you guys know this […]

Homework Hotline Zoophily: Shetland Sheep

The scientific name of the Shetland Sheep is Ovis Aries There are different types of sheep, they’re actually over 200 different types of sheep. What makes sheep different is primarily what they’re bred for. Sheep are domesticated so it basically depends what the different breeds people want them for, they’re use for it dairy, they’re […]