Dead Rising 3 (PC, Max Settings) Баги и недоработки (часть 2) [Bugs & defects part 2]

Баги и недоработки Dead Rising 3 (вторая часть) От взрыва РПГ гибнут толпы зомби, но главный герой не получает урон У автомобилей невозможно прострелить шины и фары Нет следов от пуль на многих объектах У автомобилей отсутствует звук двигателя и трения шин, если ехать в препятствие задом У зомби между ног находится невидимая, но очень […]

Dawn of the Dead (4/11) Movie CLIP – The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2004) HD

– ‘And how does this spread?’|- This is shit. The same thing all day. Tell me something I don’t know, asshole! – ‘we’re going off the air… ‘|- wanna hear something that sucks? ‘… and switching to|the emergency broadcasting system.’ – You know that chick at dairy queen?|- ‘I don’t know when we’ll be back.’ […]

Winter Of The Dead (Meteletsa) [2012] – Trailer (World War Z in Russia) [HD]

– We are filming together right? Are you already there? What should I see? – Fucked up! What could have ripped his throat out like that? Dogs… who knows? Hey! Anyone here?! All of them are here! Aim for the head! – Hey! Drop the camera! – Whats up? Who’s here? Attention Attention Attention… It’s […]

Two Guys and a Controller Play: Dead Island Part 1

all right two guys 1 controller playing a little bit of dead island first episode well episode first our show episode 1 like a show show the pilot review first review like that yes review yes like that anyway yes okay adios a features I like that a lot I saw at saving I swear […]

“Achmed The Dead Terrorist’s ‘lame’ dog” | Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM

– You do seem like you’ve been in a pretty good mood, lately. – Do you know why? – No. – Because, like Santa Claus, I have been making a list of people to kill, twice. (audience laughing) – Santa doesn’t kill people. – He does if he’s Terror Claus. – Terror Claus, never heard […]

Dead Island Inicio – Legendado

I ain’t asking you again oh thank god I’m a doctor not a for the execution do you know how close we came to bashing your head die out there he say too much you owe him your life out there and not like to find a weapon all right this is fucking crazy 312 […]

История Серии Dead Rising. Часть 4

Смейся сколько хочешь. Все таки, никому, кроме нас, духу не хватило сюда сунуться. И это делает тебя новым Фрэнком Уэстом? Почему нет? Потому что он чуть не умер! Бывал на войне… знаешь ли – Разве…разве зомби не прекрасны? В смысле, они только и делают, что едят, и едят, и едят… – Я ведь войны освещал… […]


Hello everyone we find ourselves for a new video on red dead redemption two how to return to penitentiary Sisika who is here, to the right of Saint Denis you can go there for fun or to go fishing for fish I will do also a video to go to Guarna and in Mexico then […]