Dead Island στα Ελληνικά | live Επεισόδιο 17

DEAD TRİGGER 2 maceraya hazirmisin aksiyon oyunları zombi mobil gameplay

Dying Light – Coupure de Courant #2 (Siyamand)

Game Trailers That Completely Lied To Your Face

Salivating over trailers for upcoming titles is half the fun of being a gamer. After all, trailer graphics are always face-meltingly good, and they typically showcase the most action-packed moments of a game to get us itching to click that “pre-order” button. You’ve seen a few seconds of highly scripted and tightly edited footage – […]

5 Game Paling Menghebohkan Dunia

The game industry is now undergoing rapid development, Gang. There are already many games for PCs and smartphones that can be played for free. Among the games that are available, there are some titles that becomes the talks of many gamers in the world. Starting from games for PC Desktop devices to PS3, PS4 and […]

Dead Island gameplay ~ INDONESIA GAMEPLAY,sangar gaeeessss😨😨😨#1

yeah hello all , we meet again with me , Achmad Romadhan the gamer steady today I want to play the game Dead Island why I want to play Dead Island ? because , first want to really play this game but my PC can not start to play this game so today I tried […]

Dead Island Riptide Intro

Get your Hands Off Me what the hell dark at the top wasn’t troughs sorry but i dont take any chances quotas on a tight unocal station transport you to secure a quarantine area here they are you lieutenant colonel samuel hadi drug-resistant refund we just need to be sure you don’t buy the women’s […]