Icelandic Food Adventures – Beyond the Hákarl

Hi! This is Chef Rafi. Welcome to my show! We will not be cooking in this episode. We will be doing something much more fun. Today I’ll take you on a culinary tour of Iceland. I’ll take you to an island where they eat horse, sheep, fish and whale. Guess what they eat in Iceland […]

ICELAND IN A WEEK: The Ring Road by Campervan

Hello, everyone, from Reykjavik, Iceland. We have just spent the past 10 days here *snap* On our honeymoon! Road trippin’ in a campervan around the Ring Road. It has been absolutely epic, so here are our highlights! And here’s how to rock the ring road! We landed in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, and right away […]

Burger & Wraps from MitBit | Halal Foodie | #Vancouver #Burger #Wrap #MitBit

food is the ingredient that binds us together Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel Today we will be taking you to MitBit The restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown In the corner of Denman & Nelson They carry wraps, burgers, soups, salads & some rice dishes Our first order was the MitBit […]

These are WHAT? Learning to shop in Denmark

I’d been in Denmark for about a year and a half before really starting to feel confident about going to the supermarket I’ve periodically still had my missteps but for the most part I knew what was butter, I knew what was jam I knew it was cheese I knew I knew most my basics […]

Chef Robert Irvine’s Veggie Burger

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Chef Robert Irvine for and today we’re gonna show you how to make vegetarian burgers with a difference. You know vegetarian burgers can be held together or binded by many different things, so today we’re gonna use unusual binders. Unusual binding for me is a rice. A brown rice […]

Turkey Confidential 2017 with Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Francis Lam

[Lynne Rossetto Kasper singing] It’s the most wonderful time of the year! [Francis Lam] Lynne, that’s really lovely but it’s a little early for holiday songs, isn’t it? [LRK] Well, it’s about Thanksgiving, and it’s my all-time favorite holiday, and the reason it’s my all time favorite holiday is -guess what- Turkey Confidential. It is […]

Trying ALL Of The Most Popular Menu Items At Texas Roadhouse

– Gotta do the stretching. You do know that all the meats goes to the legs? It’s a known thing. What’s up, guys, we’re back and I’m at Texas Roadhouse. I’ve never been here before and we’re going to try all of the meats and margaritas. We’re going to just demolish the menu. I’m really […]

【MUKBANG】 How Is MOS Burger In Taiwan? Tastier Than In Japan!? [21 Items] 5700kcal[CC Available]

hello, it’s kinoshita yuka today Jaaan, i bought plenty of taiwanese mos burger’s items Awesome, Taiwanese Mos Burger use a self-service ordering machine i don’t understand foreign languages that well – it’s the menu in japanese – ah, thank you the rice burger in taiwan mos burger is so various what? what do you mean […]

FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art

you tells us to make iron man out of a watermelon so let’s go time to peel the melon I’ve got a spatula peeler so here we go it’s gonna peel it off like this always want to peel away from yourself like this got my melon out cuz then I have a completely different […]

Lynne Looks Back at Over 20 Years of The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table is a show that looks at food from every possible angle. Everyone eats, and it’s something that involves all of us. The whole idea of the show was that even if you’ve never walked into a kitchen — and you never intend to walk into a kitchen — you’ll hear things that […]