62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

more and more countries are restricting entry from South Korea to deal with some cases where people have been mistreated the Korean government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front moon conn-young reports more than 60 countries are restricting the entry of people traveling from South Korea either through stronger quarantine measures or outright […]

Peter Zeihan | Disunited Nations: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World

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A Great Dining Experience with Burger & Lobster Singapore 🇸🇬

I’ll give you the good one. This one looks healthy too. The black colour looks good. 2.4 (kg) should be fine. 1kg $130. You’re record? Yeah. I’m recording. Now the monster here. Wah! Okay, got it got it. Okay bro. Got it. Yeah. Don’t be scared. This is already clean. Okay can cook. Ha ha […]

S. Korean military to ban leave, travel and visits starting Saturday to contain COVID-19

the South Korean military and US forces in the country are on high alert following this series of confirmed coronavirus cases among South Korean troops they’re taking measures such as canceling leave and advising personnel to limit travel to infected areas Kim Jiyeon reports following a meeting held late Thursday by Seoul’s defense minister chungcheong-do […]

How To Survive World War 3

It’s finally happened, the world’s gone all topsy turvy and the leaders of the world have decided enough is enough- it’s time to settle every score on the book in one major, titanic brawl, winner take all. It’s East versus West, North versus South, Capitalism vs Communism, fanboys who think The Mandalorian was a good […]

Chinese Girl Tries In-N-Out Burger For The First Time

To me if I have to compare with a personality This is a really nice lady and really gentle in five guys probably it’s a construction worker but they’re manly they’re hardcore, and they’re just Lousy six here with another video And I’m here at in-n-out burger and the reason being is you guys in […]

FAKE MARKET in Cina a Shanghai Ep. 5 (imitazioni Rolex, Jordan Travis Scott, Off White, Droni Dji)

Hey Guys Fake Market 5th episode! consider it my Christmas present to you so if you still didn’t leave a like this is the right moment to do it and if you still didn’t subscribe this is the right moment to do it today i’m going to the fake market located inside the metro station […]

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Dec. 22, 2019) – US Sends Warships After Beijing Demands it ‘Stop Flexing Muscles’

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world. It’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right the world economy, but few know what it is Gone are the days where […]

[RCC entry] A Discovery of Duality with Michael (ft. BennLivid)

ATLAS and P-body were going down the street. ATLAS said… P-body said… Uh, actually, um… That was a horrible rendition of what they would actually sound like. And this entry is getting a bit awkward. So, I’m going to pass it on to my boy: BennLivid! Right. As you know, it was our plan to […]